The Glorious Return of Emperor Andrew

The Glorious Return of Emperor Andrew

Andrew Gilbert
Sat 07 Jun 2014   -  Fri 11 Jul 2014
11.00 - 18.00
_ Price: Free
_ Venue: The Library Gallery

In his first solo exhibition in Scotland, Andrew Gilbert has built his Imperial Palace in the Library Gallery of Summerhall.

Emperor Andrew’s Imperial Palace is inspired by the 19th century ‘Colonial Exhibitions’ which toured Europe – presenting the ‘exotic and primitive’ indigenous people in a mock recreation of their natural environment. The installation features drawings depicting moments from European Colonialism, and the Bloody Reign of Emperor Andrew. Portraits of his many executed wives are interspersed with relics such as trophy heads and fetish sculptures.

Gilbert’s merging of these histories pays homage to the great men of history – butchered or martyred in the service of Empire and Civilisation and those who fell – hacked down by Gatling gun or Martini-Henry Rifle fire, defending their land against foreign occupation.

 Some viewers may find the images depicted disturbing