The Shit / La Merda: The Disgust Decalogue #1

The Shit / La Merda: The Disgust Decalogue #1

Silvia Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli
Fri 03 Aug 2012   -  Sun 26 Aug 2012
3 - 16, 19 - 26 at 21.15 (50 mins)
"The rage is nude"
"A superb Gallerano naked against all in Ceresoli’s howl"
***** La Repubblica
"Scandalous piece in the drowning country"
***** Corriere Della Sera
Preview: 3 August
_ Price: £10.00 / £8.00
_ Age Group: 14+
_ Venue: Demonstration Room

A “young” and “ugly” and naked woman reveals her bulimic, revolting and public secrets as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and apathy for her own celebrity breakthrough in the society of thighs and liberty.

An actress of untamed talent, Silvia Gallerano, creates a physical and vocal mask challenging a provocative, scandalous and beastly literary score written by Cristian Ceresoli where words might be sung, howled and shrieked but a chant never emerges. In her naked physicality she tells a personal story in a unbroken flow of thoughts/words rendered as sounds and movement. The deafening screams being choked. Appeased. Imploded. This female onstage offers herself up in a feast, ready to be torn apart by anyone. A poetic piece born of the flesh that returns to the flesh, captured in a tightly-sealed aesthetic. Applause required.


  • A production by Cristian Ceresoli and Marta Ceresoli
  • Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification
  • With the support of The Italian Cultural Institute of Libya
  • Lighting Design Advice Alessio Rongione
  • Technical Director: Inti Nilam
  • Producer: Frodo Mcdaniel
  • Executive Director: Marta Ceresoli
  • Acting Director: Silvia Gallerano