Who Is This Who Is Coming?

Who Is This Who Is Coming?

Andrew Cranston
Fri 31 May 2013   -  Fri 12 Jul 2013
Daily 11am - 6pm
_ Venue: Upper Hope Park Church Gallery

Glasgow based painter Andrew Cranston stages real and imaginary scenarios that often unsettle and unnerve.

His work  explores architectural space as a catalyst for images, elaborating on situations experienced directly or found in cinema, theatre and literature.

Painting is illusory, a way of lying, and Cranston’s work affirms a belief in painting as a real kind of fiction. This premise offers the notion too that a painter could be like a writer and explore feelings, thoughts, scenarios and characters rhetorically; that none of them might be about him, though some might be…

Space itself might be the main character here, and the canvas acts as another kind of interior, an analogous spatial box which has its own perimeters: walls, floors, ceilings…

In this solo show at Summerhall, Cranston will present large-scale paintings produced over the last 4 years.