Thu 01 Jan 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

'The Strip' (2015)

Dennis and Debbie Club
Dennis and Debbie Club was established in late 2014 by the German-born and Glasgow-based artists Dennis J. Reinmülller and Debbie Moody. The DDC works digitally with open-source software, creating CGI animations and video installations. Dennis graduated from the sculpture course at Edinburgh College of Art in 2013 and Debbie from the medicine course at St

Thu 01 Jan 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

'Presentation' (2015)

Stephanie Mann
Stephanie Mann, a much-praised graduate of Edinburgh College of Art’s Master’s had her first solo show – “Inherit This Mango” – in 2014, where she presented new work created especially for Summerhall. Presentation (2015)  Unframed, signed, edition of 10, Giclee print on Permajet Smooth Pearl Paper 

Thu 01 Jan 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

'Head Vase' and 'Shy Boys Don't Get Sweets' (2015)

Sally Hackett
Sally Hackett is a Glasgow-based ceramicist. In 2014 she had her first solo-exhibition Fun Just Wanna Have Girls at Summerhall. ‘Head Vase ‘- £150 ‘Shy Boys Don’t Get Sweets’ – £100

For sale

'Untitled1/Fighting Men' and 'Untitled 2/A Beautiful Goodbye' (2015)

Thomas Anderson
Edinburgh-based artist Thomas Anderson had his debut solo-show ‘Rest Assured’ at Summerhall in 2014. Untitled1/Fighting Men, adapted cinema foyer card and paint Untitled2/A beautiful Goodbye, adapted cinema foyer card and paint £65 each or the pair for £100

Fri 01 Jan 2016   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020


Tamsyn Challenger
Tamsyn Challenger is a British artist known for her critically acclaimed gender political installation ‘400 Women’. She works across a broad spectrum of mediums to realise large scale conceptual ideas. In 2014 Challenger presented ‘Monoculture’ at Summerhall, exploring ‘selfies’ and representation in an age of social media, sexuality and the effects of cultural homogeneity. The edition ‘Flat