• Fever Dreams

    Sat 24 Jun 2017 -  Sun 09 Jul 2017

    Have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you- you’ll do, you could- you, you want, you want them to do you so much you could do anything?

  • Postcard Art Exhibition & Auction 2017

    Fri 23 Jun 2017 -  Fri 14 Jul 2017

    This year’s Postcard Art Exhibition is bigger than ever, bringing together the combined talents of renowned artists such as David Forster, The Grey Earl, Avril Paton, Stephen Mangan, Al Heighton, Raymond Osborn, Lynne Hanley and many others from Scotland and beyond.

  • Retina Scottish Photography Festival

    Sun 18 Jun 2017 -  Sat 15 Jul 2017

    Retina Scottish Photography Festival is led by a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including business, practicing photographers, higher education, production and the creative industries.

  • Unturning

    Sat 17 Jun 2017 -  Sun 16 Jul 2017

    Irineu Destourelles’ Unturning is an incubator exhibition, presenting two new video works exploring the legacy of Thatcherism policies on current political discourse and personhood. The exhibition is Destourelles’ second solo-show in Scotland, it follows Tainted Verbal, at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, (April – May 2017).

  • Edinburgh College Creative Arts End of Year Show

    Wed 07 Jun 2017 -  Wed 14 Jun 2017

    This year’s Edinburgh College Creative Arts end-of-year show is bigger than ever, bringing together the combined talents of the HND students from 3D Design (Interiors), Animation, Computer Art & Design, Computing, Contemporary Art Practice, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive Design and Textiles all under one roof.

  • Dialogue with Emperor Qin’s Warriors: Contemporary Sculptures from Europe & China

    Sat 03 Jun 2017 -  Fri 30 Jun 2017

    This stunning free exhibition of contemporary sculptures came about when 28 artists, one from each EU country and a further three artists from China, were invited to create their individual response to the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army in the city of Xian in Shaanxi Province.

  • -}}}}}} : {{{+}}}

    Sat 20 May 2017 -  Fri 14 Jul 2017

    -}}}}}} : {{{+}}} is the title of Scottish born artist Anneli Holmstrom’s first UK solo show presented as part of Summerhall’s Curated Programme and kindly supported by Creative Scotland Open Project Funding.

  • Syria in Painting, Photography, Film and Word

    Fri 19 May 2017 -  Sun 04 Jun 2017

    Syria in Painting, Photography, Film and Word brings together a broad-based selection of new artworks by Syrian artists based in Edinburgh and further afield, including organisations involved with Syria. Each of the artists presents a highly personal reflection of their homeland and the Syrian people through works in a variety of media.


    Sat 13 May 2017 -  Sun 04 Jun 2017

    Two Scots and an Icelander exhibit together, inspired by the wilderness landscapes of the North. SANDI ANDERSON focuses on the light and momentary glimpses. THORUNN BARA takes the bio-colonisation of the island of Surtsey as her starting point to consider the relationship between art and science in the natural world.

  • Brilliant Geometry: The Art of mathematical projection through the Magic of 3D Printing

    Fri 12 May 2017 -  Sun 04 Jun 2017

    Brilliant Geometry brings the creativity and precision of mathematics to the general public, using computer-aided design, recent innovations in 3D printing, and very, very bright lights! With a variety of exhibits – hand-held projectors, shadow lanterns and zoetropes – we invite our guests to play with the idea of dimension, of projections, of polygons and polytopes, and of tilings.

  • Beneath and Beyond: Seismic Sounds

    Mon 01 May 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    Stephen Hurrel’s Beneath and Beyond: Seismic Sounds is an immersive live feed audio-video installation produced by the constant movements and tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s surface and installed in the basement of Summerhall.

  • Data Horizons

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    Data Horizons is the result of a collaboration between the Extreme Light group at Heriot-Watt University and Lily Hibberd, Leverhulme Trust artist-in-residence at Heriot-Watt throughout 2016

  • From the Dark Ocean Comes Light

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    From the Dark Ocean Comes Light is a new body of sculptural work by artist Hannah Imlach, resulting from a year-long residency within The Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics & Bioengineering at Heriot-Watt University and the Changing Oceans Group at The University of Edinburgh (funded by The Leverhulme Trust).

  • Sounds of the Anthropocene

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    A collaboration between Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina and C-EENRG at Cambridge University, UK, artist Sebastian Verea’s Sounds of the Anthropocene is a multimedia experience played by Earth´s rotation in real time, that shows the new geological epoch that we call Anthropocene fleshing out the unprecedented humankind footprint on our planet.

  • Genocentric

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    Genocentric is an exhibition of new and evolving work by artist Louise Mackenzie in collaboration with Northumbria University, Newcastle University and Edinburgh University, exploring affective responses to working with life as biotechnological material.

  • Rubber Coated Steel

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    Rubber Coated Steel Forensic audio analyst and artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Rubber Coated Steel testifies to the relationship between technology and power.

  • La Preuve par l’Image/Science Exposed

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    The Science Exposed image contest challenges participants to tell science stories through vibrant and exciting images. Devoted exclusively to images of scientific research, in all fields of study, this selection of images brings science to vibrant, visual life.

  • Exploring the Art in Data

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    Environmental data and computer algorithms contain patterns that can inform both scientific findings and artistic expression. A collaboration between artist Simon Sloan, communicators and scientists at The University of Edinburgh, Team Shrub’s Exploring the Art in Data will create an interactive discussion with participants about the untapped potential of data to convey artistic meaning.

  • CO2_Live

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Fri 12 May 2017

    CO2_Live is a new collaborative work by Daniel Budinov, Patrick Hickey, James Howie, Jim Jack, Ryan Lewis, Adam Linson and Iain Robinson. It incorporates a Carbon Dioxide sensor, situated next to the street, connected to LED panels displaying the real time CO2 levels at the top floor of Summerhall’s TechCube.

  • Arctic from Above

    Sat 01 Apr 2017 -  Tue 09 May 2017

    Team Shrub present photographs of Arctic tundra landscapes and the plants and wildlife that inhabit them captured as a part of scientific research expeditions to the rapidly warming Arctic.