• Train

    Fri 11 Oct 2013 -  Sat 23 Nov 2013

    Large highly coloured abstract paintings on paper evoke mechanised movement in urban landscapes, the passage of time and the horizontal structures of high-rise and modern constructions. Smaller works on wood follow the contours of the medium (taken from doors and window frames in themselves references to housing) and create bright small delights. Edinburgh painter Bissett,

  • Time and Tide

    Fri 11 Oct 2013 -  Sat 23 Nov 2013

    Vissers shaped but hard edge minimalist sculptures are inspired by her love of landscape. An established artist from The Netherlands, Vissers keeps her pallet to a very small number of colours; grey, black and orange being her mainstays. The artists inspires a feeling of deep spacial awareness, an understanding of the loneliness of being outdoors,

  • Me + Us Exhibition

    Mon 07 Oct 2013 -  Fri 08 Nov 2013

    Children’s Parliament creates opportunities for children’s voices to be heard in the social and political landscape of Scotland. As part of the Scottish Government’s effort to make Scotland the best place for children to grow up, Children’s Parliament engaged with sixty children from different communities to explore a range of issues, including culture, heritage, sectarianism

  • Interactive Platform

    Sat 05 Oct 2013 -  Tue 05 Nov 2013

    Installation inviting children to create music through movement around multicoloured squares.

  • Moving Minds

    Sat 05 Oct 2013 -  Sat 19 Oct 2013

    n an open, honest, and often humorous, way Gypsy/Traveller contributors have shared their memories, poetry and photographs, as well as reflecting on the impact prejudice can have upon mental health and wellbeing.

  • The Irishman (Nostos: End Of Exile)

    Fri 31 May 2013 -  Fri 12 Jul 2013

    Since 2001 Denis Buckley has created a persona entitled :The Irishman” for use in performance, moving image and stills. After his spectacular performance in Summerhall courtyard in the 2012 Edinburgh Festival where he burnt a “long shovel” in front of a screening of the second film from Buckley’s Irish Trilogy, , Buckley returns to complete his work.

  • 6% Down’s Syndrome: My photographs, their stories

    Fri 22 Mar 2013 -  Wed 22 May 2013

    6% Down Syndrome: My Photographs, their stories is a documentary photography project completed over two years by Graham Miller, in partnership with Down’s Syndrome Scotland…