Mon 06 Jul 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

A Lady’s Not A Gent’s

Curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson
The Urinal is the first great feminist work of art, created by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven in 1917 as a protest against America’s declaration of war on Germany. Long after she died, Duchamp appropriated it and robbed it of its meaning. This fact, known since 1982 but ignored by the art world, changes the history of

Fri 23 Oct 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

Instalodecoración: Transforming The Everyday

Olmo Blanco
Interview Room 11 Gallery and Summerhall have joined together to present an intervention by durational mark-maker Olmo Blanco. His drawings add to what is already there – walls, floors and common objects. Blanco does not mask but honours what has gone before, exploring transformation and the evolving functions of early 20th century buildings such as Summerhall. This is a permanent artwork outside the ground floor lift.

Fri 20 Nov 2015   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

The Thermos Museum

The Thermos Museum was part of Summerhall's Festival August 2015 visual arts programme. It is a comedic but also edifying experience; suitcases unfold to reveal numerous astonishing displays. However, the public are not free to reign: visitors are escorted around the museum by the mysterious and disenchanted Tour Guide.

Fri 01 Jan 2016   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

Muirhead Bone Collection

Muirhead Bone
Britain’s first official war artist, Muirhead Bone trained at Glasgow School of Art and was posted to France in 1916, arriving during the battle of the Somme.
11:00 - 18:00

Sun 18 Sep 2016   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

SCDA National Script Library

Scottish Community Drama Association
The library contains over 25,000 one-act and full-length play scripts – Classic Theatre, Modern Drama, Pantomime, Musicals, Youth Theatre, Out-of-Prints and Unpublished work -all available for loan to SCDA members and to Friends Of The Library.

Sun 18 Sep 2016   -  Thu 31 Dec 2020

Artiscience Library

ASCUS is delighted to offer access to the Artiscience Library at Summerhall. This library contains around 25,000 books on art and science.

Wed 02 Aug 2017   -  Thu 26 Jan 2034


Jane Frere
Responding to public demand, Jane Frere created her own protest blackboard in her Highland studio, drawing on darker issues from the blitzing of Gaza in 2014 and the Scottish referendum, to messages smuggled from jailed human rights activists in Bahrain. The artist’s latest response reflects the world’s rude awakening to the rise of altRight, anti-immigrant bigotry, BREXIT and TRUMP.

Thu 03 Aug 2017   -  Tue 01 Jan 2047

Elsa in Philidelphia

Curated by Glyn Thompson
Elsa in Philadelphia fills in the gaps in the critical period between Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven’s disappearance from New York and re-emergence in Philadelphia in the spring of 1917.