Permanent Exhibition


Damien Cifelli

Damien Cifelli is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the fictitious land of Tarogramma, a hidden world that explorers have long searched for in vain.His work is focused on fictional... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

You Are Magic

Pilar Garcia de Leaniz

Pilar Garcia de Leaniz is a freelance award-winning illustrator and graphic designer and teaching fellow at Edinburgh College of Art.Leaniz' works stem from a belief in the link between... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

The Bone Library

Jenni Fagan

Jenni Fagan was the Gavin Wallace Fellowship writer in residence at Summerhall from February 2019 to February 2020. During the Fellowship, she worked on a new book of poetry, The Bone Library, and a... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Protest Mask Project

Jane Frere

The CAT - standing for Creative, Aesthetic Transgression - came first as a social media experiment for the selfie generation. Frere's cat masks have travelled from China and Iran, across Europe to... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Meena Bazaar 2017

Urdu Park: Axial Margins

Meena Bazaar is a collaborative work by nine artists (Bina, Parveen, Rabina, Reshma, Ritu, Sabina, Sabrun, Shehzadi, Sunita) – homeless women living with their children in a government-run night... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Stage Set

Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness

Often using found materials, industrial painting processes and traditional techniques, Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness employ the processes themselves to construct meaning from what we see,... [more]

Permanent Exhibitions

The Odyssey

John Kindness

John Kindness presents a series of works based on Homer's epic.Inspired by James Joyce's version of the Odyssey, Ulysses, Kindness draws on the detailed nature of the writing to inform the... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Paintings by Nihad Al Turk

Nihad Al Turk

Many of Nihad Al Turk's deeply psychological compositions, informed by readings in literature and philosophy, can be read as allegorical self-portraits.Central to his work are the thematic... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Wall Drawing No. 1

Roger Elliot

Wall Drawing No.1 explores the perception of the expressive potential of rational structures. It is not to be stood in front of, but rather moved around, from right to left and then back again. By... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Courtyard Commission 2023: High Hopes

Nathan Price

2023’s courtyard commission has been awarded to recent graduate Nathan Price, a mixed media installation artist based in Scotland. Price’s work captures an intense feeling of fun, excitement and... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

Feminine Futures

Curated by Adrien Sina

Avant-garde expressive & abstract dance‘Feminine Futures’ exhibitions explore dance history in the feminine during the first half of the 20th century, unfolding new research perspectives... [more]

Permanent Exhibition

The Demarco European Art Foundation

For over half a century Richard Demarco has been closely involved with the Edinburgh International Festival. As an artist, gallery director, conference organiser and teacher, he has been a potent... [more]

Viewing available by appointment with Richard Demarco's office only