Sat 19 May 2018   -  Fri 13 Jul 2018

The Romance of the Garden: Fragments and Memories

Dawson and Liz Murray
Married for 51 years, Dawson and Liz Murray share a great passion for plants and have spent the twenty-one years since they moved to Fife designing a beautiful garden which provides a constantly changing source of inspiration for their work. Although sharing a studio, their work on the theme of the garden is very different and extremely individual in interpretation.
11:00-18:00 (not open Mondays)

Sat 26 May 2018   -  Fri 13 Jul 2018


Alex Weir, Emily Moore, Euphrosyne Andrews, Hanqing and Mona, Jean Oberlander, Karen Maxted, Kirsten Millar, Ladina Clement, Laren Bowman, Marine Lefebvre, Michael Clarence, Niklas Gustafson, Rhona Jack, Scott Baxter, Theo Shields, Tina Macleod, William Braithwaite
Visual Arts Scotland in association with Summerhall are delighted to present the work of eighteen of the hottest emerging talents on the Scottish Art scene. Since its inauguration in 2015 our Graduate Showcase has celebrated the finest emerging artist graduating from art schools in Scotland, exhibiting their work in the prestigious RSA galleries in Edinburgh.
11:00-18:00 (not open Mondays)

Sat 02 Jun 2018   -  Fri 13 Jul 2018


Fritz Welch
Artist and musician Fritz Welch presents CRYSTALLINE CHRYSALIS CRISIS in Summerhall’s Machine Shop – a bunker-like area in the former veterinary school, housing its defunct metal-lathe, responding to the space’s architectural and interior features. Utilising the privately-owned art centre’s inherited and personal furniture in-conjunction with sculptural installation, which includes wall drawings, videos and sound works, Welch will attempt to
11:00 - 18:00 (not open Mondays)