August 27, 2018

Summerhall Festival Ends for 2018 with a rise in ticket sales

Press Release 26th August 2018 The 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe marked Summerhall’s 8th year contributing to the programme. The venue continues to draw in diverse talent from across the... [more]

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine / August 22, 2018


In a stunning performance, Egg tells a true story about the journey of egg donation from one friend to another. It’s a raw display of true emotion through the eyes of real life characters,... [more]

The Scotsman / August 22, 2018

Theatre review: Love Song To Lavender Menace, Summerhall

Written by James Ley and directed by Ros Philips, this hilarious, heartfelt and provocative play tells the story of Lavender Menace, the gay bookshop that occupied a basement in the New Town between... [more]

British Theatre Guide / August 22, 2018

Fallen Fruit

Small cardboard boxes line the edge of the stage, some with letters written on them and some blank. Katherina Radeva appraises her audience, welcoming but with a nervous energy. No one is sure... [more]

The Guardian / August 21, 2018

The best shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2018

Woogie Boogie Summerhall, 10am, until 26 August A delight in doodling is at the heart of this inventive escapade for the over-threes from Korean company Brush Theatre. Our mischievous hosts,... [more]

One 4 Review / August 21, 2018

Fallen Fruit - Two Destination Language 4****

Katherina Radeva’s play looks back to life in Bulgaria in the times before the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1989, Katherina was seven years old and she paints a vivid picture of a girl who had... [more]

Total Theatre / August 19, 2018

Last Tapes Theatre Company: Valerie

This experimental, deeply affecting piece of gig theatre is striking in both its imaginative breadth, and the delivery of its message, keeping me rapt. Valerie seamlessly mixes interdisciplinary... [more]

Guardian / August 19, 2018

Pussy Riot: Riot Days review – it’s impossible to look away

Pussy Riot might put the punk rock in modern protest, but their musical chops have always been a little less clear. You will likely know that two of the Russian feminist disrupters were arrested and... [more]

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine / August 19, 2018


The Midnight Soup is a powerful piece of theatre centred around a diary given from grandmother to grandson in 2006, and her suicide years later. Leo Burtin recounts memories of his grandmother and... [more]

Broadway World / August 18, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018: BWW Review: CLOSED DOORS, Summerhall

A city that is loved despite its reputation. Closed Doors takes place in a multicultural neighbourhood in Glasgow. On a cold November night, a tenement is evacuated by the police and four women... [more]

Broadway Baby / August 18, 2018

The Troth

Based on Chandradhar Sharma Guleri’s iconic Hindi short story Usne Kaha Tha, The Troth is about one soldier, Sardar Lehna Singh, and the sacrifice he makes to keep his secret promise to an... [more]

The Stage / August 18, 2018

Flight review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘memorable and unsettling sensory adventure’

Buckle up. Flight is a 20-minute experience that takes place almost entirely in darkness and plays on a fear that most of us will have felt at some point in our lives: that when you’re flying at... [more]

The Stage / August 18, 2018

Where It Hurts review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘authentic voices on mental health issues’

At a fringe where the issues surrounding mental health form a major theme, Where It Hurts, from Edinburgh’s Grassmarket Projects, not only nails the zeitgeist, but reveals it using authentic voices... [more]

The Skinny / August 14, 2018

Pussy Riot: Riot Days @ Summerhall, Edinburgh, 10 Aug

“A revolution needs a big screen.” Maria "Masha" Aloykhina has broken the law to be here tonight. A court ruling forbade her to leave Russia, so she drove hundreds of miles to reach an... [more]

The Independent / August 14, 2018

Edinburgh Fringe: A round-up of shows at Paines Plough - Sticks and Stones, Island Town, The Political History of Smack and Crack

Sticks and Stones (★★★☆☆), Island Town (★★★★☆), Blackthorn (★★★★☆), The Political History of Smack and Crack (★★★★☆).   Paines Plough’s Roundabout... [more]

The Reviews Hub / August 12, 2018

Trojan Horse – Summerhall, Edinburgh

4.5 Stars LUNG Theatre has been creating some of the most exciting theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe for a number of years. Renowned for their challenging verbatim work, their offering at the 2018... [more]

The Scotsman / August 12, 2018

Edinburgh Fringe: Theatre shows that are tackling mental health stigma (A Fortunate Man)

Mental health is, once again, a big theme at the Fringe, and these shows tackle it from different angles with great success, says Tim Cornwell.   A Fortunate Man, Summerhall (Venue 26)... [more]

Fest Mag / August 12, 2018

Review: Pussy Riot – Riot Days

Somewhere between punk, prayer and protest, Pussy Riot tell their story. The anti-Kremlin activists trace their chronology like a chant, their words translated and illustrated with archival footage... [more]

The Edinburgh Guide / August 11, 2018

The Flop, Summerhall Main Hall, Review

Hijinx is back at the Fringe and entirely living up to their name. This year the Wales based troupe, whose cast features three learning disabled actors and three non-disabled actors, have teamed up... [more]

Fest Mag / August 10, 2018

Review: Revelations by James Rowland

Tale of unconventional pregnancy is the third in Rowland's captivating trilogy ★★★★ Revelations James Rowland is a magical storyteller. He weaves tales of wonder and woe using... [more]

The Stage / August 10, 2018

The Sauna review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘celebrates and ritualises a woman’s role in giving life’

The idea that your life flashes before your eyes as you die is given a distinctly contemplative air by Finnish company Teatteri Metamorfoosi in this wordless dance piece. An old woman, her body... [more]

Fest / August 10, 2018

Katie & Pip

Charlotte Berry and Rob Gregson introduce Katie (human girl, 15) and Pip (dog) with a diabetes disclaimer. A knowing look between the two sets the scene for this gentle yet deliberate production –... [more]

The List / August 10, 2018

The Political History of Smack and Crack (4 stars)

Angry yet witty political theatre from Manchester Covering both the personal and social impact of heroin, Political History is a brash yet thoughtful analysis of how the British state was... [more]

The National / August 10, 2018

Review: Raucous face-off Square Go explores Scottish boyhood

Fringe review: Square Go ★★★★★ WRITTEN by two of Scotland's most acclaimed writers, Gary McNair and Kieran Hurley, Square Go embodies the best of their work; accessible, highly... [more]

Fest Mag / August 9, 2018

Review: Blackthorn by Charley Miles

This debut play is an assured, lyrical look at love, community and change. There’s an ache, a yearning, for things past in this lovely debut by Charley Miles. It comes to Paines Plough’s pop-up... [more]

Marbles Mag / August 9, 2018

Fringe review | Daughter | ★★★★

It starts off innocuously enough. A man is discussing his daughter’s birth. A difficult job for his wife, by all accounts, and the man makes it all about him, of course. Typical, etc. The... [more]

A Younger Theatre / August 9, 2018

Review: Everything Not Saved, Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

5 Stars It’s not easy to vandalise the entire history of time in one hour, but Malaprop Theatre have just about achieved it. If it had to be expressed in a single word, Everything Not... [more]

The Scotsman / August 9, 2018

Theatre review: Flight, Summerhall

“Schrödinger’s Paradox dictates that a cat inside a sealed box is both alive and dead simultaneously. Imagine this from the cat’s perspective.” Flight, Summerhall (Venue 26)... [more]

The Skinny / August 9, 2018

Square Go @ Summerhall ★★★★

Square Go (image: Tread Design | photography: The Other Richard) The heady aroma of fear and Lynx Africa hangs in the air in Square Go, Kieran Hurley and Gary McNair’s... [more]

The Guardian / August 9, 2018

After the Cuts review – DIY healthcare in a post-NHS era ★★★★

 Falling to pieces … George Docherty and Pauline Knowles in After the Cuts. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Guardian The future Gary McNair imagines is... [more]