Seven superb shows that explore some of the urgent human rights issues we are facing right now and don’t just inform us but compel us to take action.”– Naomi McAuliffe





The Fall

What If I Told You


Amnesty International has chosen seven outstanding Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions for the shortlist of its 2017 Freedom of Expression Award. The Award, given annually to an outstanding Fringe production with a strong human rights message will be announced at a ceremony in the City Arts Centre in Edinburgh on Friday 25 August.

Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International’s Scotland Programme Director, said

“In a year when political strife is universal and artists are being denied visas to perform at the world’s largest arts festival, it is essential we continue to champion freedom of expression and share the message that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. These outstanding Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions embody these values and have moved us, inspired us, and shared a fresh perspective on exploring human rights in theatre.”

Freedom of Expression Award Judge Joyce McMillan said:

“The Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award shortlist for 2017 reflects some of the most urgent human rights issues facing us today, from the suppression of free speech in Turkey, to the legacy of colonialism and slavery in the United States, South Africa and here in Britain. It also reflects the strength of the voices of young black theatre-makers on this year’s Fringe, exploring the history of anti-racist campaigning, and looking forward in anger and apprehension, but also sometimes in hope. Some of these shows are not comfortable to watch. But they are exciting, essential pieces of theatre asking vital questions for our times, and very much in the enduring spirit of the Freedom of Expression Award.”