The Believers Are But Brothers *FRINGE FIRST*

The Scotsman

SINCE 1973 The Scotsman’s world famous Fringe First awards have been recognising outstanding new writing premiered at the festival – here are our first winners of 2017. ADVERTISING The winners are announced each Friday during the Fringe – with the final week’s winners revealed at The Scotsman Fringe Awards at the Pleasance on 25 August.

Thank you to our judges, Joyce ­McMillan, Mark Fisher, Susan Mansfield, Jackie McGlone, Fiona Shepherd, David Pollock and Sally Stott. And congratulations to all of our winners.

The Believers Are But Brothers
 Javaad Alipoor’s thoughtful and visually stunning show at Summerhall is a quest to understand people who have become radicalised through the ­internet, sometimes ­travelling to Syria to join the ­organisation that calls itself Islamic State.