Burns Unbroke

The Skinny / Beth Cochrane

Let’s dive right in, shall we? This month we’re giving a whirlwind tour of spoken word happenings across the Central Belt. January – it inevitably means Burns, and it’s up to our favourite poets and programmers to bring their audiences a fresh breath of our boy Rabbie. Thankfully, Summerhall is presenting Burns Unbroke: a multi-arts festival not to be missed (25 Jan onwards). It’s a programme full of jewels, but the real gems lie in the spoken word strand.

Having hit countless successes in 2017, Flint & Pitch’s Jenny Lindsay is back with A Flyting (27 Jan). Welcoming five of Scotland’s most treasured treats of the written verse, including Liz Lochhead and Billy Letford, each poet will take to the stage with a bespoke set. Expect charming witticisms, hard-hitting humour and ae fond wink to Rabbie.

Also at Unbroke on the same night are our favourite provocateurs of poetry Neu! Reekie!, presenting Burns Eruption, a not so tim’rous twist on your classic Burns celebration. Keeping a much hushed line-up under wraps, we can only shine our dancing shoes and remain in rapturous anticipation for what raconteur hosts Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson have in store.