Edinburgh Festival Planner: Three Shows to See Today

The Guardian / Lyn Gardner and Brian Logan

Josie Long and Martin Williams: Investigations
12pm, Stand Comedy Club (until 28 August)

Comedy on the fringe can take many forms: wrestling, therapy, fine dining. So why not investigative journalism? The well-loved DIY standup Josie Long teams up with Guardian writer Williams on a show that fuses comedy with politics, exposing truth, and muck-raking beneath and beyond the news headlines. Based on a version I saw in London last year, it will be informative, outspoken, amusing and unlike anything else. BL

5pm, Dance Base (until 28 August)

An exquisite two-hander created by Gary Gardiner and Ian Johnston with the late Adrian Howells. Howells’ mantra that “it’s all allowed” underpins a simple but moving piece in which the learning disabled Johnston tells us about who is and isn’t allowed to dance, and in the process offers up his sharpest moves. It celebrates the sheer joy of losing yourself on the dance floor and challenges preconceptions and expectations. LG

(I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow
8.15pm, Summerhall (until 28 August)

Quite a racket … (I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow. Photograph: Jannica Honey
If you are looking for human contact amid the noise of the fringe, then FK Alexander’s Autopsy award-winning show may well fit the bill – although it makes quite a racket, as it features the Glasgow noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association. The premise is simple: FK Alexander serenades one audience member at a time to Judy Garland’s final recording of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It’s a gift for the person receiving, but there is also much more here about endurance and the way we demand a piece of our female icons. LG