Edinburgh festival planner: three shows to see today

The Guardian / Lyn Gardner and Brian Logan

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons
12.10pm, Roundabout @ Summerhall (until 28 August)

Last year, playwright Sam Steiner’s debut show was in the hottest room on the fringe, but it (and the audience) will have room to breathe now that it is staged in Paines Plough’s Roundabout tent. This smartly conceived, pared-back love story imagines a world in which everyone is only allowed an allocation of 140 words a day. The effects on life, and in particular relationships, are explored in a really neat show about being forced to say less but mean more. LG

Infinity Pool: A Modern Retelling of Madame Bovary
4.35pm, Bedlam (until 29 August)

Here’s something completely different and deliciously quirky. Bea Roberts, who wrote the terrific And Then Come the Nightjars, reimagines Madame Bovary for the 21st century without actors but with considerable help from two screens, a TV monitor, an overhead projector and a sound deck. Our heroine is no French provincial housewife but an admin assistant in a Plymouth plumbers with a ruinous Asos habit and a marriage long gone stale. Imagine Bridget Jones meets The Office meets 19th-century realist fiction. Even with technical difficulties at the performance I saw, this original show proved painfully funny and oddly moving. LG

9.30pm, Bedlam (until 28 August)

A highlight of last year’s comedy lineup was the sketch troupe Minor Delays, whose stripped-back style made ample space for their tart burlesques on (usually) bourgeois life. This year, one third of that trio, Joe Barnes, doubles up with Henry Perryment in another excellent – if not quite so eye-catching – sketch hour. The conceit finds Barnes and Parryment presenting “a selection of characters and occurrences from around the world on a single day in 2016”. In practice, that plays out much like any other sketch show, save that, when this twosome are good – Perryment deploying his acting chops; winsome Barnes flirting with the audience – it can be very funny indeed. BL