Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018: 10 of this year’s quirkiest shows

Standard / Jessie Thompson

With over 3,500 shows at Edinburgh Fringe this year, picking what to see is always something of a gamble.

If you’re feeling bamboozled by the size of the brochure, you might fancying trying the classic ‘pick the show with the funniest name’ strategy.

Each year the festival programme is full of reams of outlandish, sweary and slightly naughty-sounding shows, many of which are unrepeatable when your Gran asks what you saw on your arty trip to Scotland.

Some might be all title and no trousers, but part of the fun is giving each show a whirl. Here’s our round-up of the shows that are bringing the fun this year – in name, at least.

The Egg is a Lonely Hunter

We think Carson McCullers would be buzzing that her most famous novel inspired the title of a show about a woman with an irrational fear of eggs.

Summerhall, Aug 1-12, 14-26