5 Fringe Theatre Shows We Already Know Are Great

The Scotsman / Andrew Eaton-Lewis


Dollywould, Summerhall, 14-26 August.

For a few years now, Sh!t Theatre has been gathering awards and a cult following with work that is sharp, political and, as one reviewer put it, “gleefully scrappy” – a description the London duo seem to regard as a badge of honour. Last year though, they did something unexpected – a show about how much they both love Dolly Parton. Result: a sold out, crossover hit. It’s back this year for a limited run.

Love Song To Lavender Menace

Love Song To Lavendar Menace, Summerhall, today until 26 August.

Make your house a home Find amazing deals on all your home essentials on eBay Sponsored by eBay On paper, James Ley’s play sounds a bit niche – a tribute to a radical gay and feminist bookshop in Edinburgh in the 1980s. In a time before the internet, though, Lavender Menace was a lifeline for anyone who felt at odds with the heterosexual mainstream, and the story Ley tells is a much bigger one, about a struggle for gay rights across several decades. A sold out hit at the Lyceum last year, it’s now getting a full Fringe run as part of the Made In Scotland showcase.


Blackout, Summerhall, today until 16 August
Also part of the Made In Scotland showcase, New Room Theatre has constructed a moving, uplifting show from the real experiences of alcoholics.