Five reasons we love Temper, Temper

The List / The List

Wendy Bevan and her Lynchian, Weimar-esque compatriots performing at Fringe 2012.

1. Should Marlene Dietrich, Scott Walker, Antony Hegarty, Laurie Anderson and Nick Cave ever cross space and time to meet at a gig it would be this one. Temper Temper’s sound fuses muscular, glittering blues with old, dusty jazz.

2. More than a gig, Temper Temper’s performance is a mix of theatre, music and visuals.

3. Wendy Bevan – statuesque, intense and striking, Temper Temper’s lead singer has made her name as a multi-disiplinary artist, photographer of fashion and singer. She has performed with Punch Drunk, sung with Nouvelle Vague, photographed Tilda Swinton, Air and Debbie Harry and has exhibited at ICA.

4. It’s the closest thing to time travelling to a 1930s underground cabaret in Berlin via David Lynch’s Black Lodge. Harking back to the golden age of silent film, audiences meet Wendy Bevan’s performance alter ego, a dramatic, dark and devasting femme fatale.

5. The intimate, 60-seat Anatomy Lecture Theatre at Summerhall creates the perfect backdrop to a Fringe experience. The audience might be different but the animal magnetism remains …

Temper, Temper – The Pain of Desire, Summerhall, until 18 Aug, 9.45pm.