A Hundred Different Words for Love

The To Do List / Stuart Wilson

Deceptively simple yet profoundly moving – a story about love as charming as it is beautiful.

James Rowland – self-confessed middle-class, white, cisgender heterosexual child of Richard Curtis (not literally) – is the one man of this one man show, setting aside his (also self-confessed) privilege to tell a universal story about love that should resonate with all and anyone.

Whilst notionally a love story, this is more an examination of the anxiety, excitement, wonderment, confusion, bliss, turmoil, hurt, pain and hope that love is. Rowland is an instantly likeable, warm and reassuring presence, eminently skilled in storytelling and capable not only of instantly putting his audience at ease but holding them in the palm of his hand as he weaves a tail that may, or may not, be entirely untrue.

Only the coldest of hearts will be unmoved, and whether you are single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, you will leave Summerhall’s Anatomy Theatre full of hope. After all, love really is…