Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Ed Fest Mag / Miriam Larrainzar

Mind the Gap is one of the few theatre companies to work in partnership with learning disabled artists, and the only one of its kind to take part in the Fringe this year. Mia: Daughters of Fortune, their latest production, is a piece that is full of heart and honesty, and more than worthy of recognition.

Mia: Daughters of Fortune is a beautiful and thought provoking story that has been six months in the making. It is a show that explores the stigma of parenthood within the learning disability bracket in today’s society, and begs the question, what makes a good parent?

Director Joyce Nga Yu Lee and the charismatic and talented ensemble devised the show based on real life stories. Full of visually stunning stimulants and touching moments of comedy embedded within scenes of gripping darkness, Mia is an educational and uniquely powerful production that questions the beauty of humanity.

Mia brings awareness to statistics, and challenges what needs spoken about. The audience will be taken through an emotional rollercoaster with every scene as the cast asks us to do a reality check on what we take for granted.

A show that will make you sit up and pay attention, Mia: Daughters of Fortune should be compulsory viewing.