On Ice

The To Do List / RD

Irrestistable offbeat comedy and heartfelt storytelling combine in this one-woman epic about buying an ice rink (or is it?)

Suzanne Grotenhuis is a remarkable performer who gives her all in this oddball comedy about why she bought an ice rink with prize money she won for a previous show.

Grotenhuis is a powerful comic storyteller and along the way she manages to cover such diverse topics as the milky way, relationships and even the Voyager Golden Record, an album currently somewhere in the constellation Camelopardalis!

Not to give everything away, the show is about much more than the title would suggest, and takes the audience on a meandering journey through life and what’s really important. There are some spectacular – and at times ethereal – theatrical moments in the show, which move the narrative into the extraordinary.

Above all else though, the thing that really makes the show pop is Grotenhuis’ spot-on, energetic, confessional delivery, which makes us instantly warm to her and more than happy to spend an hour in her zany company.