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The Stage / August 18, 2016

Rose Bruford Launches Year-Round Edinburgh Premises

Rose Bruford College has launched a year-round new performance and training venue in Edinburgh. The drama school has been presenting performances and workshops in the Upper Church space inside Summerhall arts centre throughout this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but has now confirmed plans to use the space outside of the summer season. As well as

What's On Stage / August 18, 2016

Total Theatre Awards Edinburgh Fringe Shortlist Announced

The shortlist for this year’s Total Theatre Awards have been announced. After assessing 528 shows across all performance categories at the Edinburgh Fringe, judges have drawn up a shortlist that consists of 26 productions. Seven awards will be given across five categories which are physical and visual theatre; innovation; experimentation and playing with form; emerging;

Total Theatre / August 18, 2016

The Total Theatre Awards Shortlist 2016

Shows by an Emerging Company/Artist This Award is supported by Farnham Maltings Greater Belfast Little King and Tron Theatre in association with Traverse Theatre Scotland | Traverse (I Could Go On Singing) Over The Rainbow FK Alexander with Okishima Island Tourist Group Association Scotland | Summerhall Infinity Pool: A Modern Retelling of Madam Bovary Bea

The Stage / August 17, 2016

Natasha Tripney’s Edinburgh picks: August 17

We’re hitting the midpoint now. A lot of shows have been watched. A lot of stars doled out. A lot of gin drunk (well, maybe that’s just me). There’s still a lot of digging to do, a lot of things left to see, but the below shows are all well worth your time. Joan –

Fest / August 17, 2016

Sh!t Theatre: "We like embracing failure"

Welcome to Woodberry Down, a colossal “regeneration” project in Hackney, slicing the skyline in a thick cluster of concrete and glass. Every apartment has underfloor heating, and there’s a even a lake for kayaking. Just down the road, however, behind the phone box where locals smoke crack, is Windsor House. This is not luxury living.

The Guardian / August 17, 2016

Edinburgh Festival Planner: Three Shows to See Today

Josie Long and Martin Williams: Investigations 12pm, Stand Comedy Club (until 28 August) Comedy on the fringe can take many forms: wrestling, therapy, fine dining. So why not investigative journalism? The well-loved DIY standup Josie Long teams up with Guardian writer Williams on a show that fuses comedy with politics, exposing truth, and muck-raking beneath

The Guardian / August 17, 2016

Counting Sheep: The Polyphonic Protest Show That Puts You Inside Kiev's Maidan

in the morning of 21 January 2014, Marichka Kudriavtseva was all set for the biggest day of her career. The Ukrainian singer had three gigs in a row lined up in Kiev. But on her way to have her hair done, she started getting worried calls from her bandmates in Kyky Shanel, who specialise in

The Guardian / August 16, 2016

Edinburgh Fringe Performers Swept Up in 2016's Political Whirlwind

Most would agree that timing is vital to the comedians in Edinburgh this summer. But, this year, it has also proven crucial for political dramatists. For the past two festivals, Scotland has known exactly where it was in the legislative diary. The 2014 fringe was full of plays about what it would mean if Scotland

The Guardian / August 15, 2016

Dad Jokes, Chilcot and Pleasuring a Cucumber: My Day as an Edinburgh Performer

It is half past midnight and I am at the Edinburgh festival fringe, pretending to masturbate a cucumber in a variety of elaborate ways. Under ordinary circumstances, this would seem like a fairly remarkable state of affairs, but then you don’t know the day I’ve had. I’m into my 12th hour of an audience participation

The Guardian / August 15, 2016

Edinburgh Festival Planner: Three Shows to See Today

Goggles 2pm, Pleasance Courtyard (until 29 August) Edinburgh is full of young companies making fluffy, whimsical theatre, and at first sight This Egg’s two-hander about love, friendship and breaking free seems to be just one more. But there are hidden depths in a hugely enjoyable story in which the performers also play two goldfish, and

The Guardian / August 14, 2016

Shameless and Subversive: The Feminist Revolution Hits the Edinburgh Fringe

Smashing the patriarchy has never seemed quite so much fun as it does in Hot Brown Honey (Assembly Roxy), an all-female cabaret-style show from Australia that takes on gender, sexism, colonialism and race with a raucous glee, while giving a feminist makeover to circus, hip-hop and burlesque. There is an extraordinary straps sequence that conjures

The Guardian / August 14, 2016

Edinburgh Theatre Review – A Week of Masks, Music - and a Swiped Notebook

The Edinburgh fringe is like a game of Scottish whispers, I think, as I sit on the train north. You have to listen out – as well as making your own choices. With 3,269 shows in 294 venues this year, some quadruple checking seems in order. And the whispers are sure to be in every

What's On Stage / August 12, 2016

Summerhall Shows Dominate Initial Fringe First List

Three of the six shows awarded a Fringe First today were at Summerhall The initial Fringe First winners have been announced after the first week of the Edinburgh Fringe. The Scotsman gives out the awards, which are in recognition of ‘outstanding’ new writing premiering at the Fringe. The judging panel consists of Joyce McMillan, Jackie

The Stage / August 12, 2016

Summerhall Dominates First Round of Fringe First Awards

Summerhall has bagged half the Fringe First awards given out by the Scotsman newspaper in the first week of the Edinburgh Fringe. The venue hosts three of the six productions recognised in the awards, which celebrate new writing on the fringe. There were also wins for the Traverse, C Venues and the Gilded Balloon. Two

Vogue / August 11, 2016

10 Things to Do in Edinburgh

If you’re spending summer vacationing this year, the Scottish city of Edinburgh is an excellent option. There are some unmissable things you need to tick off your list, from the best coffee in town, to where to get your culture fix – not to mention the lowdown on the legendary Fringe. Keep our check list

The Guardian / August 11, 2016

Edinburgh Festival Planner: Three Shows to See Today

Bilal Zafar: Cakes 3.40pm, Just the Tonic at the Mash House (until 28 August) Bilal Zafar won the prestigious New Act of the Year award earlier this year, after which you might expect he’d hit Edinburgh eager to show off his acclaimed standup chops. Instead, he makes his debut with a gentle PowerPoint show, telling

The Edinburgh Reporter / August 10, 2016

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 – Remember To Breathe

Grapevine gossip (the life-blood of The Fringe) about a particularly recommended show has just caught the receptive ears of The Edinburgh Reporter – we take the plunge… Like the famine driven diaspora of her Irish ancestors, playwright Orla Murphy, became a reluctant émigré to New York following the 2008/9 economic Celtic Tiger crash. She watched

The Guardian / August 10, 2016

Another chance to see … Edinburgh shows gambling on repeat success

It takes time to create a buzz around a festival show, and soon the run is over. Bringing a hit back can give companies a publicity head start – and a cash boost to their next venture. But there’s no guarantee of glory second time around. “Assumption is the mother of all cock-ups. We can’t

August 9, 2016

Edinburgh Festival 2016: The Shows We Recommend

MORNING SHOWS Us/Them 10am, Summerhall (until 28 August) This remarkable piece of theatre – playful, surprisingly and painfully funny as well as moving – presents the Beslan terror siege of 2004 from the point of view of two unnamed children who were there. It makes you question the way such events are usually presented and

Three Weeks / August 8, 2016

Jonny & The Baptists: A bit of politics and ping pong

Rock solid ThreeWeeks favourites Jonny & The Baptists return to the Fringe once again with a brand new show about inequality and the wealth gap. Which might sound a little serious, though this musical comedy duo have demonstrated before that they can take on political issues while keeping us well and truly entertained. Which is