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TV Bomb / August 11, 2014


Malasombra is the kind of production that young adults love. It is a combination of horror, fairytale, animation, shadow puppetry and storytelling that will keep youngsters gripped and opened mouthed in amazement. There is however enough imagination and delight that will also please adult audiences. Malasombra is described as “an emotionally dark fairytale for adults

TV Bomb / August 11, 2014

Standby For Tape Back-Up

Ross Sutherland is a poet and performer who is as comfortable in experimenting with words as he is with found video footage, and this original combination of both is imaginative and evocative. Standby for Tape Backup is a spoken word performance that is emotional, personal and takes a unique approach at looking at how we

TV Bomb / August 11, 2014

Head In The Clouds: The Peregrinations Of Marie Marvingt

f fun and exciting theatre is what you are after at this years Fringe, then you will not be able to find a performance that hits the mark more succinctly than Head in the Clouds: The Peregrinations of Marie Marvingt. Helen Aldrich is the solo performer who embodies Marie Marvingt and several other amusing characters

The List / August 11, 2014

kennardphillipps: Demo Talk

Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips have been making working in response to the Iraq War since 2002. Over the past twelve years they have developed a provocative and unflinchingly fearless critical practice that confronts war and power across the world. The Financial Times’ pink sheets are scattered across the walls of the exhibition space at

Broadway Baby / August 11, 2014


This unpretentious production is as unflinchingly fearless as it is heart-warming. Rosana Cade is a lesbian, Amy Cade a sex worker, and together the two sisters take the audience on an exploration of their relationships with their sexualities and each other, whilst completely naked. This feminist, sex-positive piece has a compelling capacity make the audience

Arts Award Magazine / August 11, 2014

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

‘For those of you who have never see me before tonight, you’ll realise that I’m totally insane.’ The one woman show examines truth and sanity in an engaging and interactive performance art style inspired by real conversations with family members. The show starts with maths, adding up the numbers in your date of birth to

The Stage / August 11, 2014

Standby for Tape Back-Up

If ever a show required revisiting and rewatching, it’s Ross Sutherland’s exploration of synchronicity and iteration. Scratched at last year’s Forest Fringe and returning for a full run at Summerhall, the show sees Sutherland entering a kind of conversation with an old VHS cassette given to him by his late grandfather which contains fragments of

Broadway Baby / August 11, 2014

Standby for Tape Back-Up

This is a show about seeing patterns in the random; about time’s ability to change perception; about coming to terms with death and working through depression. It’s surreal and fragmented and strangely hypnotic, even if its ambitious, weighty concepts fail to culminate in anything particularly meaningful. Ross Sutherland gives a mesmerising performance as a man

Broadway Baby / August 11, 2014

Near Gone

“This is a difficult story to tell,” performer Katherina Radeva warns us in Bulgarian through her translator and fellow performer, Alister Lownie, at the start of Near Gone. She is not wrong. Intimately exploring the themes of grief, loss and potential loss, the subject matter of Near Gone is not easy to talk about. However,

The List / August 11, 2014

A Journey Round My Skull

It’s clear from the off that this is not going to be your usual love story. On the way into Summerhall’s Red Lecture Theatre the audience are given headphones, a hint at the auditory intensity to come. A Journey Round My Skull explores the relationship between Julia, a surgeon, and her unnamed patient who discovers

The Flaneur / August 11, 2014

Made in Ilva

An intense performance by Nicola Pianzola is the basis of Made in ILVA – The Contemporary Hermit from experimental theatre group Instabili Vaganti. Directed by Anna Dora Adorno with original music by Riccardo Nanni it is a direct response to an Italian industrial controversy. Pianzola is on stage alone for the entire performance and it

Broadway Baby / August 11, 2014


With over 3000 shows descending on Edinburgh this month, the city is attempting to squeeze a Fringe venue out of every possible space available. In some cases this results in a gimmicky setting that doesn’t really add to the show’s appeal, but KlangHaus benefits hugely from its unusual choice of venue: the Small Animal Hospital

Fest / August 11, 2014


The cage doors are open. The animals have gone. Escaped? Or eliminated? These rooms are tiled and lab-like. There are plugholes in the floor. Somewhere, down the corridor, there’s a musical growl: the low snarl of an electric guitar. Then, out of a metallic cell, steps a man with a bass drum. KlangHaus is an

July 31, 2014

"Thank the dark gods for Summerhall, a true fringe venue" The Guardian

The Guardian – Edinburgh Art Festival 2014 Article published 31.07.14 Jonathan Jones. In a basement hidden at the heart of Edinburgh’s botanic garden, while families admire flowers in their wholesome beds, two German prostitutes are discussing their trade. One is telling the other in a raucous machine-gun-like accent how her client put Tabasco sauce

The Edinburgh Reporter / August 25, 2013

The List

The List at Summerhall is a remarkable play by Jennifer Tremblay, performed with intense subtlety by Maureen Beattie. The plot, initially, is familiar to any mother with more to do than time will allow and a contemporary longing for all things not to do with children. So lists are compiled to cope, routines established, the

Total Theatre / August 25, 2013


Two years ago a friend lent me a book called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It tells the incredible story of Lacks, a woman who has affected all of our lives in some way, without us and, for many years, even her family knowing. Unknown to Lacks, a doctor took a sample of

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013


A show comprising pertinent scientific, history told very successfully from a personal perspective. In an anatomy theatre Adura Onashile led us through the story of the cancer cells, biopsied from Henrietta Lacks, from when they were taken without consent, through all the medical breakthroughs they have helped fuel, and ending in the present moment where

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013

I Guess If The Stage Exploded...

Sylvia Rimat wants her audience to remember her – as she is, in the present, standing perfectly still with a lampshade on her head and a live eagle owl stage left. Combining Skype, falconry, audience participation and memory exercises, ‘I Guess If The Stage Exploded…’ is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Rimat is wonderfully

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013


A highly physical two hour performance art act about motherhood and gender might not sound like it has broad appeal, but VDT’s absorbing show certainly does. Exploring these themes through dance, physical theatre and live music, there’s little narrative to speak of, just a cycle of powerfully emotive images. What begins as a pristine white

Fringe Review / August 25, 2013

Breaking News

Perplexing, all this news. We’re surrounded by it. Can’t get away from it. There’s altogether too much of it. At least, that’s the premise of this devised theatre piece from VaVaVoom in collaboration with the National Theatre of Iceland. We are bombarded with information, printed, audio and visual. It starts from the moment we wake and draw open the blinds