Ed Fest Mag / August 21, 2017

Velvet Petal: Bedroom

Velvet Petal: Bedroom celebrates youth and beauty through a mesmerising ever changing contemporary dance performance with a thumping electro pop soundtrack.

Broadway Baby / August 21, 2017

5 Soldiers

Nestled in the artsy comfort of the Fringe bubble, it is all too easy to forget about the murmurings – or in some cases, bellowings – of war that have been thrown back and forth across our doorstep this past month.

The Reviews Hub / August 21, 2017


It’s been a while since Shakespeare asked us to ponder “what’s in a name?” but these and other questions take new shape in Heather.

The Stage / August 21, 2017

Stand by

"The job is fucked." The phrase rings through Adam McNamara's four-handed Scottish police drama Stand By like a refrain.

EdFestMag / August 21, 2017

Black Mountain

Trying to fix their relationship, Paul and Rebecca visit a mountain top lodge, escaping the reality of their own life after Paul has had an affair with a woman named Helen

The Scotsman / August 21, 2017

Locus Amoenus

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Spread across rows of empty seats, two men and a woman sit on a train. Known simply as 1, 2 and 3, they’re on the kind of mundane journey many of us do all the time.

Musical Theatre Review / August 21, 2017

Shortlist revealed for Musical Theatre Review’s Best Musical Award at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Old Stock shortlisted for Musical Theatre Review’s inaugural Best Musical Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Stage / August 21, 2017


Cass is a writer who has lost her voice and can't get out of the bathtub. Her mother has just died and she needs to deliver the eulogy, but she's warring with herself over what to say

Three Weeks / August 20, 2017

Pike St

Nilaja Sun hits the stage with all the force of the hurricane that’s about to hit the Pike Street residents.

The Scotsman / August 20, 2017

No Show

The snazzy costumes and smiling faces are all present and correct, but right from the start there’s something off-kilter about this circus show.

The Guardian / August 20, 2017


A woman struggles to get to the microphone to make a speech and is physically restrained by another who also grabs for the mic but is sabotaged.

The Stage / August 20, 2017

Summerhall takes home three Fringe Firsts in second week of awards

Summerhall has dominated the second week of the Scotsman’s Fringe First award winners. The venue was the recipient of three out of seven awards in week two of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, for The Shape of the Pain, How to Act and £¥€$ (Lies). Presenting the awards, the Scotsman’s theatre critic and awards judge Joyce

Broadway Baby / August 20, 2017

Amy Conway's Super Awesome World

The show is based on Jane McGonigal’s theory that video games may be the answer to making us less depressed and more fulfilled.

The Stage / August 20, 2017

The Class Project

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord has lost her voice. Or rather she’s lost the voice of her home. She no longer speaks with a Wolverhampton burr.

British Theatre / August 20, 2017

Out of Love

The ups and downs of being “best friends forever” are explored in Elinor Cook's engaging new play, Out of Love

The Wee Review / August 20, 2017

Lift to Experience

It’s been 16 years since Texan band Lift To Experience last performed in Scotland. The band split up soon after and reformed last year to play the Guy Garvey curated Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre in London.

The Scotsman / August 20, 2017


If you’re looking for early-morning existential angst, Pelle Koppel’s adaptation of Janne Teller’s award-winning novel is full of wry, humorous, self-knowing hopelessness.

The Stage / August 17, 2017

The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2017 start with win for All We Ever Wanted’s Marc Graham

Actor Marc Graham has become the first winner of The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2017 for his performance in All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

August 17, 2017

Total Theatre Award Shortlist

Total Theatre have just released their shortlist for the 2017 awards. We are excited to announce that 11 of the 22 shortlisted are Summerhall shows.

The Wee Review / August 17, 2017


The headline band tonight are from Madrid Spain, however Hinds create indie rock that sounds closer to Scotland than anywhere else