The Examiner / August 16, 2012

Dispatches from The Fringe - A charming Flaneurs pulls its punches

In playing in a lecture room at Summerhall, Flaneurs has found its natural home. Described as a piece of live art theatre, Flaneurs is indeed highly theatrical, but ultimately feels like a charming, if lightweight lecture. A Flaneur – someone who likes to ramble around a city in order to really get to know it

The Examiner / August 16, 2012

Dispatches from The Fringe - Visceral, vulnerable, The Sh*t is sheer brilliance

The sound of a woman murmuring, in what appears to be gibberish, hits you as you enter the Demonstration Room at Summerhall. Inside, seated on a small platform set on a pedestal about four feet off the ground, Silvia Gallerano sits naked with only a microphone. Her body twists as her voice struggles to get

Spectacularum / August 16, 2012


‘Contents of this lecture are a well-guarded secret!’ warned the Summerhall programme. What would the 73yr old Carolee Schneemann, pioneering feminist artist, cat obsessive and general eccentric, deliver in her ‘performative lecture’ in the converted vet school? We take our seats in an authentic lecture theatre, lines of desks still intact with hard backed seats

Morning Star / August 16, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 round-up

A visit to Summerhall – a new Fringe venue set up in the Old Veterinary School under the auspices of Richard Demarco – to see Pages from the Book Of… will repay the festival-trawler looking for pearls. Demarco’s passion for the work of genius Polish painter and innovative theatre director Tadeus Kantor, whom he introduced

The Scotsman / August 16, 2012

Gig raises £1200 for homeless

COMEDY stars of the Edinburgh Fringe, including Josie Long and Perrier Award winning David O’Doherty, have helped to raise almost £1200 for housing and homelessness charity Shelter Scotland with a one-off gig. The charity’s LOLfest event drew a sell-out crowd at Edinburgh’s Summerhall, with a surprise performance on the night by The Pictish Trail and

The List / August 15, 2012

7x7th Street Interactive sounds sculptures create a musical promised land

Seven and seven is, well, a very magic number indeed in Jean Pierre Muller’s walk-through collaboration with musical icons including Robert Wyatt, Nile Rodgers, Archie Shepp and Terry Riley. Free-associating ideas based around the number seven (days a week, musical scales, colours of the rainbow), Muller has created seven wooden huts, each painted a different

The List / August 15, 2012

Carolee Schneemann: Remains to be Seen

4 stars Torn-up lack and white images of a woman taken almost half a century ago are laid out on the floor in criss-crossing strips, as multiples of the woman’s face stare out. This is Carolee Schneeman, performance artist, avant-provocateur and feminist icon, and she has been ripped to shreds. This altar-like assemblage deconstructs images

Total Theatre / August 15, 2012

Song of the Goat: Macbeth

Amidst the very misty, thick stage smoke I can just about find a seat. Before Song of the Goat’s Macbeth commences, director Grzegorz Bral addresses us with the invitation to ‘watch it with your ears’. Lights dim and when vision permits we see a semi-circle of performers bathed in muted half light, amber toned. Half

A Younger Theatre / August 14, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Ceasarean Section. Essays on Suicide

Any lover of theatre will be able to look back and pinpoint a moment in their theatre-going and tell you that a production that was the best thing they have seen. They’ll remember certain nuances of the production, be it a line, a movement, perhaps a performer or a particular piece of music. These memories

A Younger Theatre / August 14, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Puppet. Book of Splendor

The Polish theatre director Tadeusz Kantor first came to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in the early nineties with The Dead Class, a piece fuelled by his stylistic design to create work that emulated paintings, the dead, autobiographical work and the lingering figure of a director at play with his actors. It was a piece

A Younger Theatre / August 14, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Shit

Actress Silvia Gallerano perches on the edge of a stool that is taller than she is. Microphone in hand, she is completely naked aside from the shocking red lipstick adorning her lips. She mumbles the Italian national anthem, her smooth voice crisp in the cold of the Summerhall performance studio. In those first moments it

A younger Theatre / August 14, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Review: The List

A housewife with two children, has moved to a small village with her husband, away from the chaos of the city. Here, in the quiet landscape of rural life, she attempts to find herself and her family. She finds comfort on Wednesdays when the children are at school and she can treat herself to naps,

Herald Scotland / August 13, 2012

Fringe performance

Maybe it’s the chain that hangs from the ceiling, maybe it’s the drain in the centre of the floor but – bearing in mind Summerhall’s past incarnation as a veterinary school – it’s hard not to muse on what used to be shown in the close quarters of the Demonstration Room. The thought then occurs

Broadway Baby / August 13, 2012

Dr Quimpugh's Compendium of Peculiar Afflictions

Cure For All Ills Venue Number 26. Summerhall, 1 Summerhall,Edinburgh, EH9 1QH. 17:00. Suitability: 12+. This new and contemporary chamber opera from Royal Opera House composer Martin Ward and librettist Phil Porter of the RSC tells the story of Farquar Quimpugh, aworld-renowned expert in rare disorders of the mind; what a superb tale it is.

The Independent / August 13, 2012

Edinburgh Art Festival, Summerhall, Edinburgh

A former animal hospital turned exhibition space has an anatomical and visceral tendency, and there’s plenty to see – if HMRC has let it all go yet Edinburgh being hilly and scattered and your time there possibly short, the opening of the Summerhall arts centre is good news. If you have a single day to

The Skinny / August 9, 2012

Rime @ Summerhall

Taking Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem as an inspiration, Square Peg Contemporary Circus perform a fantastical interpretation of The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. The 6 performers make use of the stage and set construction to weave the fantastical tale out of the performance space. With so much action on stage it would be possible to

The Skinny / August 9, 2012

Puppet. The Book Of Splendour @ Summerhall

Puppet. The Book Of Splendour is a performance that is difficult to forget. The narrator informs us that the presentation we are viewing is not a story, but a birth. This description is apt as the narrative is presented second to the stunning and confusing visuals. Puppet. The Book Of Splendour looks and feels like

Scotsman / August 9, 2012

Theatre review: Mother Tongue, Summerhall (Venue 26), Edinburgh

A ONE-WOMAN show about trying to get pregnant may sound like the kind of 
self-absorbed piece best avoided, but Summerhall isn’t your average Fringe venue and writer/performer Jillian Lauren isn’t an
average right-on, middle-class hippy from LA. For a start, she knows how to poke fun at herself and those around her. Through a clever story

The Skinny / August 9, 2012

The Stranger @ Summerhall

The Stranger is a one man performance of Albert Camus’ existential novel, with the intensity of the source material being the heart of Guilherme Leme’s performance. We see his interpretation of the protagonist Meursault’s absurd journey from nihilist to murderer and witness the torment and strain within. A lone chair sits on the stage with

The List / August 9, 2012

Five reasons we love Temper, Temper

Wendy Bevan and her Lynchian, Weimar-esque compatriots performing at Fringe 2012. 1. Should Marlene Dietrich, Scott Walker, Antony Hegarty, Laurie Anderson and Nick Cave ever cross space and time to meet at a gig it would be this one. Temper Temper’s sound fuses muscular, glittering blues with old, dusty jazz. 2. More than a gig,