July 31, 2014

"Thank the dark gods for Summerhall, a true fringe venue" The Guardian

The Guardian – Edinburgh Art Festival 2014 Article published 31.07.14 Jonathan Jones. In a basement hidden at the heart of Edinburgh’s botanic garden, while families admire flowers in their wholesome beds, two German prostitutes are discussing their trade. One is telling the other in a raucous machine-gun-like accent how her client put Tabasco sauce

The Edinburgh Reporter / August 25, 2013

The List

The List at Summerhall is a remarkable play by Jennifer Tremblay, performed with intense subtlety by Maureen Beattie. The plot, initially, is familiar to any mother with more to do than time will allow and a contemporary longing for all things not to do with children. So lists are compiled to cope, routines established, the

Total Theatre / August 25, 2013


Two years ago a friend lent me a book called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It tells the incredible story of Lacks, a woman who has affected all of our lives in some way, without us and, for many years, even her family knowing. Unknown to Lacks, a doctor took a sample of

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013


A show comprising pertinent scientific, history told very successfully from a personal perspective. In an anatomy theatre Adura Onashile led us through the story of the cancer cells, biopsied from Henrietta Lacks, from when they were taken without consent, through all the medical breakthroughs they have helped fuel, and ending in the present moment where

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013

I Guess If The Stage Exploded...

Sylvia Rimat wants her audience to remember her – as she is, in the present, standing perfectly still with a lampshade on her head and a live eagle owl stage left. Combining Skype, falconry, audience participation and memory exercises, ‘I Guess If The Stage Exploded…’ is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Rimat is wonderfully

Three Weeks / August 25, 2013


A highly physical two hour performance art act about motherhood and gender might not sound like it has broad appeal, but VDT’s absorbing show certainly does. Exploring these themes through dance, physical theatre and live music, there’s little narrative to speak of, just a cycle of powerfully emotive images. What begins as a pristine white

Fringe Review / August 25, 2013

Breaking News

Perplexing, all this news. We’re surrounded by it. Can’t get away from it. There’s altogether too much of it. At least, that’s the premise of this devised theatre piece from VaVaVoom in collaboration with the National Theatre of Iceland. We are bombarded with information, printed, audio and visual. It starts from the moment we wake and draw open the blinds

Broadway Baby / August 24, 2013

Paper Cinema's Odyssey

The sound of the sea lapping at the sides of Odysseus’ boat is our first step into the world of Homer’s Odyssey, as imagined by delicate weavers of visual tales The Paper Cinema. The great epic rumbles into life with one foreboding note of violin. Our performers, all five of them, sit somewhat pell-mell in

Three Weeks / August 23, 2013

Sonica Presents Robbie Thomson’s Ecstatic Arc

The ‘Ecstatic Arc’ is the perfect teaming of light and sound. At first the piece is a bit random, but slowly it escalates into a weirdly comical dubstep-type performance which appears to be enacted by the sculptures and the lights themselves. The Tesla coil which sits centre-stage emits its lightning to spectacular effect, and does

Three Weeks / August 23, 2013

Gym Party

We compete, the audience is reminded: we love to win and we win to live. The three energetic performers are contestants in their own show, all clad in white gym clothes, differentiated only by coloured wigs and shoes, our players are like computer game characters or tiddlywinks on a board game. But it is not

Three Weeks / August 23, 2013

A Story of a Man and His Shadow

Extremely expressive despite featuring very few words, ‘A Story of a Man and His Shadow’ is incredibly charming and cleverly understated. A slightly confusing narrative does not detract from the overall visual feast of the piece as the action plays out between our adorable protagonist and a sinister figure determined to invade his house. The

Edinburgh Spotlight / August 23, 2013

Paper Cinema’s Odyssey

An epic tale of gods, titans and heroes, laden with blistering action, special effects and spectacular locations…all made out of tiny pieces of cardboard? And so Paper Cinema create movie magic with Odyssey, an intricate spell woven from two-dimensional puppetry, video projection and a dynamic and creative live soundtrack. All the while, the executors of the

The Times / August 23, 2013

Major Tom

For a die-hard Fringe-goer like me, it has to happen at least once every year. Falling in love with a  show, I mean. In 2013, the recipient of my affection is Major Tom, a truly winning comedy that is half-literally about the triumph of the underdog. The piece was created by Victoria Melody, a specialist in

British Theatre Guide / August 22, 2013

The List

The List produced by Stellar Quines returns to this year’s Fringe following its award-winning run last year. It is translated from a French language play by Jennifer Tremblay and is set in Quebec. Maureen Beattie is outstanding as the woman who is trying to bring order into her new rural life. She has moved to the countryside

Broadway Baby / August 21, 2013

Our Glass House

Wester Hailes, a suburb of Edinburgh, is about as much of a potential tourist destination as the moon. Off the beaten track, yet only a thirty-minute bus ride out of the city centre, Wester Hailes is the setting for Common Wealth’s site-specific drama concerning domestic abuse. Constructed around a series of verbatim accounts from male

Three Weeks / August 21, 2013

Titus (Macrobert)

Titus has plenty of stories to tell and this poetic new translation is played beautifully by Joseph Arkely. His performance is full of humour, energy and precision; through the elasticity of his face and the command of his voice you will meet myriad other characters including Titus’ dad and doctor. The venue is stark, perfect

TV Bomb / August 21, 2013

For Their Own Good

There can be few better marriages between production and venue than that of the Untied Artists‘ For Their Own Good and the old veterinary demonstration room at Summerhall. The production uses expressive, spectacular puppets and fine performances from Jake Oldershaw as a knackerman and Jack Trow as his young apprentice to tell a deeply human

Exeunt Magazine / August 21, 2013

Our Glass House

There’s a sign that reads ‘YOU ARE HERE AS A WITNESS’, picked out in white lettering against a brick wall in Wester Hails. When you first see it you could easily mistake it for the signage of some obscure Baptist church. The next time you see it, through the bedroom window of an unassuming semi,

The Guardian / August 21, 2013

Our Glass House - Edinburgh festival 2013 review

“You are here as a witness,” declares a sign on a wall in the back garden. A child’s football lies abandoned in the long grass. Inside the house, a pregnant woman frantically cleans, her list of chores pinned up on a washing line across her kitchen, like penances. A child wanders from room to room

The List / August 21, 2013

The Loveboat Big Band Summer Love-In

An 11-piece brass band in sailor suits, a glittering mermaid twirling seductively from a ceiling hung hoop and Australian musical troupe Flap! making an exuberant cameo: welcome to the sights and sounds of The Loveboat Big Band’s Fringe voyage. Playing one of four Friday night shows at this year’s festival, the Edinburgh entertainers began atop