The Skinny / August 9, 2012

Rime @ Summerhall

Taking Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem as an inspiration, Square Peg Contemporary Circus perform a fantastical interpretation of The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. The 6 performers make use of the stage and set construction to weave the fantastical tale out of the performance space. With so much action on stage it would be possible to

The Skinny / August 9, 2012

Puppet. The Book Of Splendour @ Summerhall

Puppet. The Book Of Splendour is a performance that is difficult to forget. The narrator informs us that the presentation we are viewing is not a story, but a birth. This description is apt as the narrative is presented second to the stunning and confusing visuals. Puppet. The Book Of Splendour looks and feels like

Scotsman / August 9, 2012

Theatre review: Mother Tongue, Summerhall (Venue 26), Edinburgh

A ONE-WOMAN show about trying to get pregnant may sound like the kind of 
self-absorbed piece best avoided, but Summerhall isn’t your average Fringe venue and writer/performer Jillian Lauren isn’t an
average right-on, middle-class hippy from LA. For a start, she knows how to poke fun at herself and those around her. Through a clever story

The Skinny / August 9, 2012

The Stranger @ Summerhall

The Stranger is a one man performance of Albert Camus’ existential novel, with the intensity of the source material being the heart of Guilherme Leme’s performance. We see his interpretation of the protagonist Meursault’s absurd journey from nihilist to murderer and witness the torment and strain within. A lone chair sits on the stage with

The List / August 9, 2012

Five reasons we love Temper, Temper

Wendy Bevan and her Lynchian, Weimar-esque compatriots performing at Fringe 2012. 1. Should Marlene Dietrich, Scott Walker, Antony Hegarty, Laurie Anderson and Nick Cave ever cross space and time to meet at a gig it would be this one. Temper Temper’s sound fuses muscular, glittering blues with old, dusty jazz. 2. More than a gig,

The Huffington Post / August 9, 2012

Ghosts at Summerhall

I’m performing my solo show, “Mother Tongue,” at a venue called Summerhall, Edinburgh’s newest and biggest arts venue. Summerhall is located in the former Royal School of Veterinary Studies (nickname: The Royal Dick, after it’s founder William Dick, and still the name of the café/bar). My gay BFF is convinced that this is a good

The Socialist Worker Online / August 8, 2012

Theatre that battles against the Edinburgh Fringe money makers

Mark Brown picks out some encouraging signs of resistance to the commercialisation of the Edinburgh arts festival. Taken together, the cultural programmes that take place in Edinburgh each August and September amount to the biggest arts festival on the planet. The programme for the Festival Fringe alone dwarfs those of other famous festivals, such as

The Skinny / August 7, 2012

Remember Me @ Summerhall

***** – 5/5 stars Remember Me is a surreal performance as confusing as it is proactive. Using imagery that evokes a Man Ray photograph, light and darkness juxtapose to give an intimate vision. Taking place in Summerhall’s aptly named Black Tent, the audience is confronted with what appears to be a large glass fronted black

Edinburgh Guide / August 7, 2012

How A Man Crumbled Review

**** – 4/5 stars Summerhall’s Demonstration Room, an old Dick Vet lecture theatre, is the suitably strange setting for Clout Theatre’s latest production, How a Man Crumbled. Its peeling walls looked like their dust had landed on the three actors’ faces as they stood frozen in nervously menacing poses against the wall like folk stuck

A Younger Theatre / August 7, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Shit

Actress Silvia Gallerano perches on the edge of a stool that is taller than she is. Microphone in hand, she is completely naked aside from the shocking red lipstick adorning her lips. She mumbles the Italian national anthem, her smooth voice crisp in the cold of the Summerhall performance studio. In those first moments it

The Stage / August 6, 2012


When teacher leaves the classroom, three naughty Chinese schoolboys in detention abandon their lines – “Be a Good Student!” – to burst into mock-rock and wild oriental gestures. When a pretty female classmate joins them, they boisterously compete for her attention with gymnastic flings and pretend serenading, but she prefers to dance in traditional flowing

What's On Stage / August 6, 2012

Michael Coveney: Edinburgh feels the pinch at Assembly

Nica Burns thinks there might be a five per cent drop in fringe theatre ticket sales this year. Comedian Stewart Lee thinks the Edinburgh Comedy Festival — a banner for the “big four” of Assembly, Gilded Balloon, Pleasance and Underbelly — is too commercial. And Tommy Sheppard, the former deputy secretary of the Scottish Labour

The List / August 5, 2012

Festival Food: Venues

The best places to grab a bite to eat within Festival venues such as the Traverse and Bristo Square. Jamie’s Italian, Assembly Rooms The redeveloped George Street institution now features the Festival’s grandest venue dining, courtesy of Mr Oliver. Traverse Bar Café, Traverse Theatre Food, drink and gossip at the Festival’s premier theatrical hangout. Urban

The List / August 5, 2012

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 2012 - events round-up

Edinburgh’s Festivals have pretty much everything, but fashion is not something that has been given centre stage. Until, that is, the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, with four days of events centered around Summerhall, including talks,workshops and exhibitions. Professor Ludovica Lumer talks about identity and self-image in Dressing the Self: Art, Fashion and Neuroscience (Summerhall, Thu

Theatres Trust / August 5, 2012

Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue Summerhall ready for the long haul

A big hit on last year’s Fringe, Summerhall is just one of several August-only venues looking to become year-round operations At Summerhall, once known to Edinburgh as the old Royal Dick Vet College, they’re rushing against a start-of-Fringe deadline to build a brand-new entrance to the huge building, all fresh wood and glass doors. It

Scotsman on Sunday / August 5, 2012

Festival preview: Macbeth

With its themes of greed and power, the 13 Macbeths at this year’s festival are testament to the Scottish play’s timely relevance, whether set in the Middle East or on Inchcolm Island, writes Tim Cornwell. IT’S the story of dictatorship, a model of the consuming quest for power and the fate of bloody dictators from

All Media Scotland / August 4, 2012

Made Here: is an internet TV channel operating out of Edinburgh’s new arts centre, of the same name. It reports the arts – including books, performance and film – mainly in Edinburgh and further afield too. Comprising short news items and longer interviews, the channel has access to archive from various former Scotland-based local TV channels

All Media Scotland / August 4, 2012

Arts internet TV channel launches in Edinburgh

AN Edinburgh-based internet TV channel has launched, dedicated to the arts, books and film. Summerhall TV takes its name from a new, multi-arts centre in the capital that was formerly the Royal Dick Veterinary School. With archive to draw on from former local TV initiatives – Edinburgh Television (from 2000-2002), Channel Six Dundee (from 2000

The Week / August 3, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe: six good reasons to visit the festival

THE EDINBURGH Festival kicks off today with more than 40,000 performances and 2,500 shows. Here are six Fringe acts that arts critics are looking forward to, from ‘sexy, stoner clowns’ to a 24-hour solo act. 24H If 24H was an event at the Olympics, it would be the marathon, says The Independent. The title describes

The Guardian / August 3, 2012

Edinburgh Festival 2012: fun after midnight

Summerhall Established in 2011 by 81-year-old festival impresario Richard De Marco, Summerhall was once the Royal (Dick) Vet School but is now Edinburgh’s hippest – and strangest — arts hub and Fringe venue. It’s a magnet for adventurous night owls, catering for the truly sleep-avoidant this festival season with “24h”, a one-man Fringe play running