STV / August 3, 2012

Festival bulletin day Two: Flyers flood town and Phill Jupitus plays dead

It has begun. The Fringe is shifting up a gear for the weekend as most shows have their first public outings tonight. Among those in top gear already is Phill Jupitus. He showed up at The Stand’s press preview on Thursday night with five minutes of hilarious quick-fire reactions to questions from the crowd. We

The Scotsman / August 2, 2012

Preview: The Stranger, Summerhall

Existentialist masterpiece The Stranger is brought to life by Morten Kirkskov. Through the story of an ordinary man unwittingly drawn into a senseless murder on an Algerian beach, author Albert Camus explores what he termed “the nakedness of man faced with the absurd.” The Stranger, Summerhall, Aug 3-14 , various times, £12 (£10)

The Scotsman / August 2, 2012

Summerhall’s hip new venue doubles its offering

THE New Jersey writer and performer Jillian Lauren scored a world best-seller with her book on life in a Brunei harem, Some Girls. But she changed her subject matter from high-class prostitution to family life. Her one-woman show Mother Tongue comes to at Summerhall, the new Edinburgh art centre established this year in the former

The Scotsman / August 2, 2012

Preview: Puellae, Summerhall

Shieldinch to Summerhall. That’s the journey River City favourite Nalini Chetty takes this Festival. Chetty and Edinburgh actress Samara MacLaren, team up at the old Dick Vet school to tell the story of Tess and Neve. A pair of 29-year-old, privately educated and successful young women, they appear to be worlds away from their gawky

The Guardian / August 2, 2012

What to see: Edinburgh Fringe special

Why stick a pin in the Fringe brochure? Here are my top tips from deep inside Edinburgh – and a few pieces of advice for anyone approaching the festival for the first time. As I’ve said before, looking for great Edinburgh shows is like looking for a few needles in a haystack. That’s the reason

Joyce McMillan - Online / August 2, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe – All Year Round?

AT SUMMERHALL, once known to Edinburgh as the old Royal Dick Vet College, they’re rushing against a start-of-Fringe deadline to build a brand-new entrance to the rambling 100-room building, all fresh wood and glass doors. It won’t replace the fine old stone doorway facing out towards the Meadows; but it will provide a new way

Bella Caledonia / August 2, 2012

Let the Summerhall revolution begin!

Tonight’s the night. Its the grand opening of the new Summerhall arts complex‘s festival programme, in conjunction with The List magazine’s annual festival shenanigans. This will be the first time most of the 1,500 guests will have seen what is happening within Summerhall and anyone who hasn’t been there yet should prepare to be absolutely

The Scotsman / August 2, 2012

Summerhall: Ready for the long haul

A BIG hit on last year’s Fringe, Summerhall is just one of several August-only venues looking to become year-round operations. AT SUMMERHALL, once known to Edinburgh as the old Royal Dick Vet College, they’re rushing against a start-of-Fringe deadline to build a brand-new entrance to the huge building, all fresh wood and glass doors. It

The Edinburgh Reporter / August 2, 2012

Fringe Venue: Summerhall

Most of the larger Fringe venues are long-established and regular festival-goers will have trekked a well-trodden route between the Pleasance, Assembly, Gilded Balloon, et al. So when a major new venue arrives on the scene, it is an occasion to be savoured. Summerhall made its first appearance as a Fringe venue in 2011, with a

Artlyst / August 1, 2012

Edinburgh Art Festival Prepares To Outshine Itself With Major Exhibitions

This year the ninth annual Edinburgh Art Festival prepares to outshine itself with major exhibitions by leading international artists including Dieter Roth at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Philip Guston at Inverleith House, Tim Rollins & K.O.S. and Donald Judd at Talbot Rice Gallery, Melvin Moti at National Museum of Scotland, Rachel Mayeri at Edinburgh College of

The Skinny / August 1, 2012

Fringe 2012: Dance

This year’s Festivals offer a plethora of innovative and challenging new takes on the artform of dance – we take a look at some of the most exciting shows on offer. Although the Dance and Physical Theatre section of the Fringe brochure remains around the same size every year, more companies are acknowledging movement as

The Skinny / August 1, 2012

Film at the Festival: Double-bills and Polish cinema at Summerhall

The moving image continues to be conspicuous by its absence from Edinburgh’s August arts festivals. But if you make your way to The Royal Dick you’ll find Summerhall summer programme bursting with cinema. We preview two of its film strands. Double Take For film fans, there’s nothing more indulgent than a double bill. Okay, apart

The List / July 31, 2012

Archie Shepp interview

The legendary sax-man talks bagpipes, gospel and reggae before his Summerhall show. Archie Shepp came to prominence in the mid-1960s as a leading light of the black avant-garde, playing with Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon and Don Cherry, among others. John Coltrane sponsored Shepp’s contract with Impulse! records and invited him to play on the monumental

The Guardian / July 31, 2012

Arts head: Sorcha Carey, director, Edinburgh Art Festival

From the British Council to BBC break-ins, Sorcha Carey talks about directing the Edinburgh Arts Festival. Could you tell us a little bit about the Edinburgh Art Festival? We are Scotland’s largest annual festival of visual art, with an unparalleled offering of major exhibitions by leading Scottish international artists shown alongside the best early career

The Scotsman / July 31, 2012

Marilyne MacLaren swaps the political fray for the Fringe

SHE was one of the most controversial and outspoken characters at Edinburgh’s City Chambers over the last decade. Now, just weeks after leaving the capital’s political scene, Marilyne MacLaren is about to enter the fray of the Fringe. The capital’s former education leader is to produce a show at one of the festival’s hippest new

The List / July 31, 2012

Iconic America artist Carolee Schneemann appearing at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2012

Carolee Schneemann, the iconic American visual artist, known for her discourses on the body, gender, sexual expression and liberation, is exhibiting at Summerhall during the Edinburgh Festival. Her seminal works, ‘Meat Joy’ (1964), ‘Fuses’ (1967) and ‘Interior Scroll’ (1975) have firm places in art history books. Schneemann is thrilled to be working back in the

The Edinburgh Festival Guide / July 31, 2012

Summerhall to host second Scottish Independent Music Fair

The event brings together Scotland’s finest independent labels and artists. Local, lovingly reared, carefully selected, packaged with care. Nope, it won’t be organic food being laid out across the stalls in Summerhall’s Dissection Hall. Just quality produce of the musical kind. Stuart Thomas from the Scottish Music Industry Association is organising it again this year,

Scottish Stage / July 31, 2012

Feature: Summerhall 2012 / Teatr Piesn Kozla & Fringe highlights

Saviour of the Fringe In 2010 producer Rupert Thomson set out to save the artistic integrity of the Edinburgh Fringe. Now his Summerhall project is bringing some of Europe’s best theatre back to the festival, writes Mark Brown Two years ago a young Edinburgh theatre producer by the name of Rupert Thomson wrote an article

The Scotsman / July 16, 2012

Summerhall’s hip new venue doubles its offering

Her one-woman show Mother Tongue comes to at Summerhall, the new Edinburgh art centre established this year in the former Dick Vet building, this summer. Regarded as the Fringe’s hippest new venue, Summerhall has doubled the number of shows this year to 53.

The Scotsman / June 13, 2012

A little help from my friends

Big things have small beginnings, as Michael Fassbender’s sinister robot says in Prometheus. In the case of Whatever Gets You Through The Night, the big (but hopefully not sinister) thing is an epic new project involving 16 Scottish bands and singer-songwriters (including Emma Pollock, Errors, Eugene Kelly and Meursault), and, at the last count, 11