The Reviews Hub / August 17, 2017

Pike St.

It’s unlikely that you’ll see a better performance at this year’s Fringe than that of Nilaja Sun in Pike St. at Summerhall.

The Guardian / August 16, 2017


The woman beside me in the audience has been entrusted with a hammer. From the stage Bertrand Lesca is demanding she hands it over to him.

Plays To See / August 16, 2017


Workshy is a one-woman, autobiographical account of the working life of the Scottish performance artist and curator Katy Baird.

Ed Fest Mag / August 16, 2017


Brutal and breath-taking are the only real ways to describe Selina Thompson’s haunting one woman show. salt. details her own journey retracing the route of the transatlantic slave trade from Britain to Ghana, Jamaica and finally, Carolina.

Ed Fest Mag / August 16, 2017

The North! The North!

The unassuming Christopher Harrisson welcomes his audience warmly to Summerhall. A slight smell permeates the old lecture hall as we clamber into the aisles, and there is a distinct feeling that we have entered into a realm haunted by the past, and the knowledge of what is to come. Our surroundings have already stripped us

Ed Fest Mag / August 16, 2017

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Mind the Gap is one of the few theatre companies to work in partnership with learning disabled artists, and the only one of its kind to take part in the Fringe this year

Ed Fest Mag / August 16, 2017

How to be a Kid

How to Be a Kid delves into the 12-year-old world of care-confusion when the roles are reversed and Molly is forced to look after her younger brother, Joe, while her mother copes with the death of her nan.

Ed Fest Mag / August 16, 2017

Stand By

The reality of policing is not like the movies. Writer and performer Adam McNamara is a former police officer and tells it like it is. Stand By is genuine, funny and tragic and may leave you questioning why anyone would join the force.

The List / August 16, 2017

Power Ballad

A brilliant mash-up of flesh, sonics and text

Edinburgh Guide / August 16, 2017

Give Me Your Love

It’s what we all yearn for – to be given some love. But it’s often when we need it most that we shut the world out and box ourselves away.

The Stage / August 16, 2017


There are three parts to Thomas Eccleshare's two-hander Heather. The first is an email exchange, read aloud by Ashley Gerlach and Charlotte Melia – both seamlessly excellent – into microphones

The Edinburgh Reporter / August 15, 2017

Jonny & The Baptists: The Best of 2012-2017

There are a lot of clever performers at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. If your idea of a clever performance is one of biting satire then Jonny & The Baptists is a show for you.

British Theatre Guide / August 15, 2017

Bombastic Declaration of Love

The venue for Bombastic Declaration of Love is Summerhall's striking old anatomy lecture theatre with raised wooden horseshoe seating where students looked down on dissections for nearly 100 years when the building was a college for vets

The Scotsman / August 15, 2017

£¥€$ (LIES)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: We usually go in search of art that makes us feel more human, but maybe once in a while, there is scope for a show that lets us see our inner rapacious beast.

Edinburgh Guide / August 14, 2017

The Gardener

Welcome to AGAS – The Amateur Gardening Appreciation Society. The chairs are set in a circle and care assistant Eilidh (Nicola Roy) welcomes all participants with a cheery word, clearly knowing them well.

Exeunt Magazine / August 14, 2017


A mainstream crossover hit – or is it? Hannah Greenstreet on Sh!t Theatre’s Dolly Parton-inspired show.

Exeunt Magazine / August 14, 2017

Stand By

An insight into life as a policeman proves there’s more to the army than the Military Tattoo.

The Stage / August 14, 2017


Following on from Letters to Windsor House, their glorious show about London rental hell, this is Sh!t Theatre’s “mainstream crossover hit”

Fest / August 14, 2017


Mouthpiece centres around a writer who, after the death of her mother, cannot speak – but must give a eulogy at the funeral.

All Edinburgh Theatre / August 14, 2017

How to Act

Perfect pacing and authentic actors give Graham Eatough’s How To Act for the National Theatre of Scotland at Summerhall a unique shine.