Three Weeks / August 14, 2017

Box Clever

A ribald, wrenching monologue

The List / August 14, 2017

No Show

Exposing circus' ugly side while celebrating feminine strength From the beady-eyed look Francesca Hyde sizes the audience up with before striking her first note on the accordion, you can tell there's something up with this circus

Broadway Baby / August 14, 2017


A two-woman show starring only one woman – not a typo but the conceit at the centre of the latest show by Canadian actress and interactive artist Laurence Dauphinais

Broadway Baby / August 14, 2017

Working Method

Part of Summerhall’s Big in Belgium season, Working Method is an interactive piece which explores the process of making art

Fest / August 12, 2017

Morale is High (Since We Gave Up Hope)

At its heart, Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) is a show about the possibility of effecting real change. In this hybrid piece of gig-theatre, one of the two performers, Ross McCaffrey, has been to the future – and has “some shit to tell you”.

Bouquets & Brickbats / August 12, 2017

Pike St

Pike Street is an ingenious monologue, written and performed by Nilaja Sun, and staged in the marvellous Roundabout pop-up theatre.

Mumble Theatre / August 12, 2017

MIA: Daughters of Fortune

Can you imagine expecting a baby and having a government official grill you about if you are truly ready to have that child? In Mia: Daughters of Fortune we see that this is reality for a person with learning disabilities who wants to be a parent

The Stage / August 12, 2017


Messy, anarchic and very funny

The Reviews Hub / August 12, 2017

Foreign Radical

A game show with a difference. Your choices can determine whether you or someone else are included on the US National Terrorist Watchlist. Theatre Conspiracy have turned the 2013 Watchlisting Guidance document into an imaginative and entertaining piece of interactive theatre that raises serious questions without lecturing the audience.

The Wee Review / August 12, 2017

Last Resort

Any show that starts by pressing a Cuba Libre on you, seating you in a deck chair and urging you to take off your shoes and wriggle your toes in the (considerately provided) sand is alright in my book. This is a seductive start to a punchy and powerful piece of theatre from Nottingham-based company, 2Magpies Theatre.

The Wee Review / August 12, 2017

The Gardener

Play about growing old packs an emotional punch far greater than subtle delivery would have you believe.

The Wee Review / August 12, 2017

You've Changed

Kate O’Donnell is an award winning transgender performance artist and part of Manchester based theatre company Trans Creative. You’ve Changed is Kate’s brand new solo show about going through the transitional process and the personal and public trials and turmoil that this brings. You’ve Changed is part autobiographical storytelling and part musical cabaret.

Broadway Baby / August 12, 2017


Tucked away in a decently sized room at the beautiful venue of Summerhall, Eaten stars Mamoru Iriguchi as both Mamoru, Lionel the Lion, and, believe it or not, Dr. Poop. While the names and characters are truly silly, the show works on a multitude of levels for an audience of all ages. Anyone can take

Primary Times / August 12, 2017

A Strange New Space

Amira is space-obsessed and trying to finding her way around life and journey as a refugee. Like every child, she creates a world of adventure, wanderlust and humour in her imagination, and can be a child's best friend when things are troubling them.

The Scotsman / August 11, 2017

The Believers Are But Brothers *FRINGE FIRST*

Congratulations to The Believers Are But Brothers for winning Summerhalls first Fringe First of 2017!

The Stage / August 11, 2017

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Packed with ideas and delivered with infectious enthusiasm, Mia: Daughters of Fortune examines the challenges facing parents with learning disabilities.

The Stage / August 11, 2017

No Show

An all-female company of circus artists play cleverly with the invocation of spectacle and its denial in the fascinating No Show.

the Stage / August 11, 2017


‘intricate, intelligent play’

The Skinny / August 11, 2017


Two performers present one woman's attempts to find her voice in Mouthpiece, a complex exploration of female identity

Fest / August 11, 2017

The Shape of Pain

Rachel Bagshaw has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She feels pain with no cause, almost constantly. It’s hard to imagine, and harder to communicate. Which is precisely what this show, co-written with Chris Thorpe, tries to do.