Edinburgh Festivals Magazine / Olivia Otigbah

In a stunning performance, Egg tells a true story about the journey of egg donation from one friend to another.

It’s a raw display of true emotion through the eyes of real life characters, showcased by theatre company, Paper Doll Militia. Told through a marvellous display of acting and circus talent, the story is an enlightening look at the complex process of egg donation.

We’re introduced to Carole, a 40-year-old woman who until now has been unable to carry her pregnancies to full term. She calls on the help of her younger friend, Sarah, to assist with her biggest goal – to have a baby. The premise of the story is dramatically highlighted from the start as a naked woman is incubated in a makeshift womb, representing a foetus. As the lights go down, liquid gushes out of the sack and the woman falls in a pool of water.

The artistic choreography creates a gripping atmosphere, taking us through the journey by way of stunning acrobatics and detailed monologues. A story of life and love, Egg is an infusion of both physical theatre and dance brought together to represent the often complicated but exciting journey of producing life. A holographic demonstration of the female body adds to the visual effect and depth of the performance.

Paper Doll Militia confidently tells a personal tale of female reproduction and the choices we have in the face of legality and legislation. Truly gripping from beginning to end, Egg is a beautiful tale told through a fascinating display of acrobatics and versatile acting. A refreshingly honest, innovative, and truly thought-provoking hour.