Summerhall at #4 in The List’s Hot 100 2016

The List

Every year we all look forward to the List Hot 100 – mostly as it’s a really inclusive, exciting way to celebrate the awesome achievements of Scotland’s coolest and best’est’ artists and makers.

We at Summerhall are really happy to be numero FOUR on the List Hot 100 2016 – (thank you!) and are massively proud of all our friends, colleagues and Summerhall residents who were HOT in 2016 too. These artists totally represent the best of the Scottish art scene – and we’re proud to even play a teeny, tiny part in their work. 

Acts like the forward thinking Dive and Kieran Hurley’s dark, ominous and award-winning show ‘Heads Up’, this year was Summerhall’s most successful Fringe – something which all the acts, artists and staff made happen. 

Adura Onashile’s debut show HeLa was at Summerhall in 2013 as part of the Science Festival, and huge congrats on her politically charged, Fringe-First-winning ‘Expensive Shit’ at the Traverse 2016. Poets Jenny Lindsay & Rachel McCrum performed at Summerhall as part of ‘Shift/’ last year. 

Ground-breaking musicians have played the Dissection Room as part of Nothing Ever Happens Here… live, and it’s brilliant to see so many of them recognised in le Hot 100. From Modern Studies, who will debut their first album ‘Swell to Great’ in the Dissection Room later this month on 24 November, to WhiteBossy LoveAidan Moffat, C DuncanYorkston Thorne Khan

And residents Luckyme, Puppet Animation Scotland for Manipulate that soars into its 10th festival in early 2017 (programme just announced), Neu! Reekie! and Nick Stewart, hats off – we’re so happy you made Summerhall your home. 

We wouldn’t dare take credit for all the awesome work that tales place in the 6 million spaces around Summerhall – but we are so proud and happy to part of Scotland’s vibrant arts scene. We would NOT be number four with out every single one of our artists and residents…  and The List themselves aren’t too bad either. Here’s to an awesome winter season – check out Nothing Ever Happens Here… upcoming gigs and the Festival of Ian Smith visual arts continues. In Dec look out for our Soulsville Hogmanay special and our magical local-traders Christmas Market.