Three to See 2016: Shows With Parental Involvement

Three Weeks / Caro Moses

Bricking It | Underbelly Cowgate | 4-28 Aug (pictured)
A show in which an actual father and daughter actually swap jobs sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Pat is a 73 year old builder, his daughter Joanna is a 29 year old writer and performer, and for the sake of creating a piece of theatre, he’s going to learn how to be a comedian and she’s going build the stage for his debut. It’s not just a gimmick though, the intention is to examine just how much what you do affects who you are, and the result should be compelling and hilarious.

Sweet Child Of Mine | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 3-29 Aug
And if you thought that sounded appealing, this one might end up on your to-see list too. Australian Bron Batten performs live with her parents, as they discuss art, theatre and what exactly she does for a living. The ensuing show is funny, touching and honest, and has already won awards and provoked glowing reviews at home down under.

E15 | Northern Stage at Summerhall | 6-27 Aug
Okay, so this one doesn’t quite fit with the theme, really, because it’s about the action of a group of mothers, and doesn’t really involve any children, but it’s an excellent verbatim piece on how 29 single parents united against London’s Newham Council to fight the gentrification of their home town and avoid being forced to relocate away from it. Important and timely.