Velvet Petal: Bedroom

Ed Fest Mag / Zoe Atherfold

Oh to be young.

Velvet Petal: Bedroom celebrates youth and beauty through a mesmerising ever changing contemporary dance performance with a thumping electro pop soundtrack. Curious and vulnerable, confident and awkward with emotions that are too big for their bodies, we follow a young group of dancers. Influenced by pop culture, fashion and passion, they explore themselves and flirt and lust after each other in the security of the bedroom, switching clothes and acting cool, losing themselves in the moment and finding each other in the ever present beats.

Bedroom is a scaled back version of the full show Velvet Petal which will be touring later on in the year. Choreographed by Fleur Darkin and performed by the bright and bold Scottish Dance Theatre, even the extract alone is excellent. The set consists of a rail of clothes and a mattress but that doesn’t mean the stage is empty; as the music evolves it finds a new subject in the cast of characters and a new personality unfolds. There is always something happening, like the music, it just keeps on going

Don’t expect a story: the only words you hear are part of the music, the audience is more a fly on the wall looking in on a culture. Visually, it’s like a mix up between a fashion magazine and a music video.

A thoroughly enjoyable piece of dance theatre, it’s lively, playful and gutsy and guaranteed to put a spring in your step at lunchtime.