We Are The Monsters

Edinburgh Guide / Irene Brown

The innocuous stack of ordinary cardboard variously sized boxes on stage completely belies the hilarious surprises that the show holds in store.

The fun starts when they start to move of their own volition after some random discs flee out from their sides followed by feather dusters, squeaky balloons and cheeky periscopes poking through the holes.

Gradually over the piece we are witness to a series of multi limbed creatures made from some innocent garment like the zipped together quilted anoraks that become a tentacled monster when and worn by one of the agile performers.

There is recognisable behaviour in mutual investigation, forehead hugs, vying for position and plenty of four footed flirting from curvy double bums. The eyeless shape shifting figures range from something like a Packman come to life; a big fringe shimmering to carnival sounds; fur-coated, headless, silver-shoed diva and the four-footed creation that is half man and half ‘Faithful Border Bin Liner’, all shifting rhythmically to the delight of observers, young and not so young.

The sadness in the sorrowful breathing of the grey knitted blob before it experiences a joyous expulsion is in complete contrast to the gallus giant swinging its eight arms in red velvetted insouciance. All human life is here within these alien shapes!

Choreographer Colette Sadler who is behind this production has an interest in monstrous form and transformation and her work finds ways of creating imagined bodies and their means of moving. And boy has she achieved her aim in this brilliant piece of absurdist abandon! This is how children play – their clothes on back to front to create whoever they want to be. No pre-made costume can compete with what the mind brings to dressing up with old clothes.

Don’t let any children in your life miss this astonishing 35 minutes of undiluted madness!

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