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Anne Colvin

_ Room: Summerhall Artist Residency 2017

Stripes from the House of Shaman
Summerhall Artist Residency 2017

Anne Colvin is a Scottish artist based in San Francisco. Her work explores the sculptural, ephemeral and temporal qualities of the moving image. Colvin re-stages and repeats the tension between memory, sensory structures and film.

Taken from the title of a Joseph Beuys installation Stripes from the House of Shaman provides an opportunity to explore the Beuys/Demarco legacy within the framework of Colvin’s own moving image practice. With a nod to the Beuys dictum Artist as Explorer, Colvin plans to re-engage with Edinburgh–the city she grew up in–through a new and refreshed lens.
Most recent exhibitions include >>FFWD: Artists’ Moving image from Scotland, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai; Ripples on the Pond, GoMA, Glasgow and The Shape of a Pocket, Anne Colvin and Margaret Tait, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, California.

Colvin’s work has been shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art; Torrance Art Museum, California; Berkeley Art Museum, California; Zero1 Biennial, Eli Ridgway Gallery, San Francisco; Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York; Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles; Modern Edinburgh Film School amongst others.

Anne is Visiting Faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute.