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The Edinburgh Ice Co.

_ Zone 4: Artists Block
_ Room: 121

Nestled tight within the award winning Arts Venue Summerhall – formerly the Old Royal (Dick) Veterinary School – is Scotland’s only artisan ice company.

Using triple filtered Scottish water, we create distinctive, beautiful ice of only the finest quality.

​Of course perfect ice needs a starting place and that is why we use only the world leaders in ice equipment and machinery. Our Japanese Hoshizaki cubed, crushed and event machines produce superior ice which is then sealed into 12kg or smaller 2kg ice bags and supplied at dime stores prices.

​The world famous Clinebell ice block makers produce a 140kg solid block of crystal clear ice, that has been filtered and agitated over three days. The full block is then carved down using a variety of sculpting tools and equipment to create the perfect shaped block for your drink. Just choose your glass and leave the rest to us.

Tel: 07518001291