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Edinburgh International Children's Festival

Mon 27 May 2024 - Sun 02 Jun 2024



1 Summerhall
Edinburgh,EH9 1PLUnited Kingdom
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0131 560 1580
Age Group: 7-10
Duration: 1h
Multiple performances daily (excl. Fri)

Seating: Promenade performance: audiences will be walking, sitting, kneeling and standing. See below for full access info.

  • Set design: Closed tent, no wheelchair access. There is an emergency exit at the front and at the back. The inside has different rooms decorated with organic materials (wood, textile, sand, paper…) reminding of an old countryside aesthetic.
  • Performers: 3 actors and a musician technician At the beginning 1 male actor divides the audience into 3 groups, and accompanies them to enter. 2 female actresses welcome the audience inside and will guide them through the rooms. A character with a giant mask appears at one stage.
  • Lights: Very soft lighting, dark space with some poorly visible areas. Spotlights to illuminate some scenes. Smoke Machine that can obscure the view at a specific time (one room)
  • Experience: Before entering the tent, the audience is divided into 3 groups of 9 people each. At the beginning, they are all together in the main room. Then each group goes on a tour of different rooms. They meet again in the main room at the end. The atmosphere is calm and there is soft music in the background. The audience is asked to be silent, to move slowly, to advance through the space when indicated. There is soft interaction with the actors, at times. There are moments with a lot of darkness, where the audience has to walk following an actress who guides them with a flashlight.
  • Capacity: 34 (schools) – 27 (public)

An-Ki is an immersive theatrical experience about the origin and destiny of humankind, set in an intimate and magical tent. It is a compelling story about greed and deforestation and the consequences it has for the environment and its inhabitants.

When the shadows of giant invaders appear in the woods outside Adja’s town, with their unending hunger for trees, the inhabitants begin to leave. In order to cope with the reality of her world, Adja uses her imagination, searching for the roots of her past and hope for the future.

Through intricate puppetry and a stunning visual design, award-wining Cia. Ortiga lead the audience on a promenade journey into the richly detailed world of one girl’s battle to save her environment.

"An-Ki is one of those shows that you will never forget... It has a wonderful poetry and visual power"Escenafamiliar.cat
credit: Queralt Armengol
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