Event Series Edinburgh Science Festival

Artist Talk: We Pretended It Wasn’t Green

Anatomy Lecture Theatre Summerhall, Edinburgh

A talk from the artist about his exhibition, We Pretended It Wasn't Green.James Stephen Wright will discuss his work We Pretended It Wasn’t Green, a generative animation showcasing a frog and enchanting mushrooms intricately woven into a constantly changing narrative influenced by real-time earth data from satellites spinning above us.As climate change continues to affect our planet, We

Event Series Edinburgh Science Festival

Morality Calculus Tasting Event

War Memorial Gallery 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh

Alongside the artwork of yeast-human bread, a tasting event will be held to provide a theatrical genetic dining experience for the participants to explore their personal morality calculus by eating food fermented by fictional hybrid organisms with a variety of DNA fusions. Through ordering, tasting and becoming with the food, we invite you to calculate