Will Knight Drawings

In 2019 I exhibited a series of drawings called ‘Some of Summerhall’ at Summerhall, showing how the scale, layout and nature of the building have allowed its successful adaption and transformation into ‘a vibrant cultural village in the heart of Edinburgh’.

The objects of my study are recorded as a lived-in experience, exactly as I found them when visiting, with furniture, finishes and further ephemera all precisely depicted. The drawings produced accurately show the nature and variety of spaces, from the quirky Royal Dick Bar, to the eerie Dissection Room, and many paces and spaces in between. This drawings lead to further appreciation of the buildings’ qualities that allow, support and enhance ‘things happening, all kinds of interesting, wonderful and downright inspiring things’.

Original works are available for sale, as are full scale signed, limited edition giclee prints. These are printed to order.