Summerhall Festival Fringe 2018

Venue information pack and how to apply

Thanks for your interest in our Fringe Programme.

Summerhall runs a curated performing arts programme during the month of August.

Please download our Fringe Information Pack here, which details what spaces are available and how we operate during this time.

Tell us more about your performance by completing and returning this short proposal form. If you have a preferred venue space, then please tell us what it is on the form – if you don’t know, then leave that section of the form blank; it won’t affect how we approach your proposal.

Submitting the proposal form is the start of a conversation with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to give you a broad idea of how likely it is that we will be able to programme your show. If your show is a priority for us, then we will begin to talk about the details earlier rather than later.

Summerhall runs a curated programme, we do not hire out our venues. This means that we will not quote indicative minimum guarantees or venue costs until you have submitted a proposal to us and we have started to discuss it in more detail. This is because, before discussing pricing, we need to understand your show technically and logistically as well as artistically, which we can only do via the application process.

Please do read our Fringe Information Pack carefully before completing the proposal form available through this link.

Once you have completed your proposal form, upload it to Wetransfer and submit your download link through this portal.