Artist Development Programme: Past Recipients

Summerhall run regular Artist Development Programmes aimed at artists basing their practice in Scotland and making new work in music, visual art, theatre or dance, or which crosses those art-form boundaries.


View past recipients of our Artist Development Programmes below

  • Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) - Mamoru Iriguchi

    Summerhall Space (Spring 2021)

    Performance maker and theatre designer Mamoru Iriguchi used Summerhall Space to further develop his performance piece Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) for Summerhall Festival 2021 - a piece for young audiences that explored sex and why we should celebrate diverse gender identities and sexualities.

  • Sadiq Ali & Vee Smith

    Summerhall Space (Spring 2021)

    Sadiq Ali and Vee Smith (Sadiq Sadiq and Vendetta Vain) used their time at Summerhall to exlpore concepts, characters and working methodologies to be used to create queer circus performance for children and young people.

  • Catherine Bisset, Rebecca Fairnie & Angela Milton

    Summerhall Space (Spring 2021)

    Catherine, Rebecca and Angela came to acting later in life, meeting through the Actor's Gym at Edinburgh Acting School.

    They used Summerhall Space to develop a trilogy of interlinked stories exploring their shared love of horror, exploring the genre as a hybrid theatre-film production.

  • Pinlight - Jenny Laahs

    Summerhall Space (Spring 2021)

    A musician since a young age, Jenny Laahs is a passionate and versatile community musician and therapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    As Pinlight, Jenny developed material during Summerhall Space for her second album in her signature retrowave alt-pop sound.

  • City Breakz

    Summerhall Lab (2020)

    Room 2 Manoeuvre.

    A new outdoor pop-up hip-hop performance piece by Tony Mills and Dave House, City Breakz will explore how art finds its place in a changing city landscape.

  • Come Closer

    Summerhall Lab (2020)

    Ciara Elizabeth Smyth & Oisin Kearney.

    Come Closer will be a hybrid show, blending live performance and binaural 3D audio, set in Scotland in 2046 as rising sea levels force the population inland.

  • Ode to Joy

    Summerhall Space (2020)

    James Ley.

    A funny, new, LGBTQ rites-of-back-passage play, James’ show explore themes of queer loneliness, sexual liberation, personal and national boundaries, friendship, and Europe.

  • Wooded

    Summerhall Space (2020)

    Untie my Tongue.

    Wooded combines storytelling, music and movement to present a story of one evening in the woods from four different perspectives.

  • Auntie Empire

    Summerhall Lab (2019)

    Julia Taudevin.

    Auntie wants to regale you with tales from the good old days of The British Empire, only she is gradually bleeding to death.

  • Three Pints on a Sunday

    Summerhall Lab (2019)

    Hannah Lavery and Colin Bramwell.

    A new spoken word show about an unlikely friendship between a forty-something mum and a single man in his late twenties, set against the backdrop of the impending climate apocalypse.

  • Dýrafjörður

    Summerhall Lab (2019)


    Dýrafjörður is a multi-arts project exploring the connections between sound, the brain and the body. This project was first inspired by time spent in Dýrafjörður, the largest fjord in the Westfjords of Iceland.

  • The Player Piano

    Summerhall Scratch (November 2019)

    Ross Whyte & Kate Steenhauer.

    Inspired by perforated piano rolls used in old pianolas, as composer Ross Whyte performs, visual artist Kate Steenhauer draws, creating a dynamic sequence of movements unfolding in time and pulsating in rhythm.

  • A Map Is Not The Road

    Summerhall Scratch (November 2019)

    Un Dó.

    A work in progress about the inner rage that sometimes escapes the ‘human container’, manifests itself and explodes like a volcano but sometimes is compressed under layers of masks created by cultural etiquettes and expectations.

  • Les Doigts

    Summerhall Scratch (November 2019)

    Théâtre Sans Accents.

    An exploration of identity, language and communication from the perspective of non-verbal 0-2 y.o. How do they creatively communicate with their parents and other children, and how can we better understand them?

  • My Car Plays Tapes

    Summerhall Scratch (November 2019)

    John Osborne.

    My Car Plays Tapes is a storytelling show by John Osborne about getting older, jobs, cars that don't really work and how to make big decisions with your life.

  • Mummy’s Boy

    Summerhall Scratch (November 2019)

    Callum Douglas Finlay & Christine Finlay.

    Mummy's Boy is a new show by Callum Douglas & Christine Finlay which celebrates Mothers (and Sons).

  • Soak

    Summerhall Scratch (March 2019)

    Beth Godfrey.

    Using colour, percussion, and a washing line, Soak explores female sexuality, honesty, and the act of re-wilding.

  • A Falling Ballet

    Summerhall Scratch (March 2019)

    Róisin O’Brien.

    A Falling Ballet invites the audience into the space, amongst the whirling dancers, in an attempt to bring people physically closer to ballet and offer new perspectives on the art form.

  • Mukbang

    Summerhall Scratch (March 2019)

    Sean Wai Keung.

    Sean Wai Keung is a Glasgow based poet and performer with a particular interest in food and migration/mixed-identity narratives and culture.

  • Baby Steps

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Jenny Lynn and Persefoni Gerangelou.

    Baby Steps is a new physical mask performance exploring two characters, caught between infancy, adolescence and adulthood, investigating growth, sexualisation and family dynamics.

  • Impossiballet

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Mamoru Iriguchi.

    Impossiballet is a participatory choreographic project that invites audiences to create an ‘impossible’ dance film with the notion of ever-changing time, woven with elegantly slow motion and frantically fast movements.

  • A Man's A Man For A' Whit?

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Wonder Fools.

    A contemporary response to the work of Robert Burns, Wonder Fools use a blend of character driven narratives, Scots language and poetic text to examine the differences and challenges we face as a society.

  • ChildMinder

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir & Iain McClure.

    ChildMinder is a new piece of writing by Iain McClure, directed by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir, which explores power, children's mental health and the drugs we treat them with.

  • Brief Palava

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Brief Palava explore and challenge our human instincts and moral values, using theatre and performance to investigate perceptions of right and wrong.

  • Instructions on How to Cry

    Summerhall Space (2019)

    Anahat Theatre.

    An interdisciplinary performance that combines dance, theatre, live music and improvisation; exploring the mystery of emotional tears.

  • Closed Doors

    Summerhall Lab (2018)

    Belle Jones & Novasound.

    Four women, forced together as their homes are evacuated by police, squeeze into a saree shop where it doesn’t take long for tensions to rise.

  • Reflexions

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Alle Dowska.

    Using the power and visual references of flamenco, this solo performance uses a reflective, mirrored costume to turn the attention from the dancer to her environment.

  • Knots

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Théâtre Sans Accents.

    An exploration of R.D. Laing’s essay Knots through a theatrical lens. Exploring mental health, gender roles, play, and the impact of our relationships and connections.

  • Hand//Shake

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Katie Armstrong.

    HAND//SHAKE is a dance piece in two parts exploring the complexity of the first movement of Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor.

  • Celluloid

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Annie Lord.

    An illuminated lantern lecture which looks behind the illusion of cinema to the materials that create it, telling the stories of the objects and substances which combine to make moving images.

  • Daughter, Mother, Truth

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Bibi June.

    To create a better future for her daughters, a young woman settles in the country that once owned hers. A spoken word show telling the story of Bibi's maternal family.

  • Entr'actes

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Claire Pençak & Merav Israel.

    Dancers Merav Israel and Claire Pençak are interested in the small scale, the poetic and the art of paying attention. Their work explores ideas of emergence and presence.

  • Fine Girl

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Jen McGregor.

    A spoken word show about sexism, stellar spectra and smashing society’s expectations.

  • Delusional

    Summerhall Scratch (2018)

    Rachel Jackson.

    Delusional is a tongue in cheek look at Rachel’s comedy career, in which she is experimenting with a more theatrical style of performance.

  • The Bean Counter

    Summerhall Space (2018)

    Alice Mary Cooper.

    Highly improvisatory, The Bean Counter is a character comedy about the Official of a jelly bean counting competition. It follows a ‘jobsworth’ who uses some unusual counting methods to count how many beans are in a jar.

  • Behind the Screen

    Summerhall Space (2018)

    Jessica Innes.

    Using Shadow Theatre, Projection, and Puppetry, Behind the Screen is an exploration of how our relationship with Social Media can have an unexpected impact on our relationships with others, and how we view ourselves.

  • Something Smashing

    Summerhall Space (2018)

    Skye Reynolds.

    An evening that brings together musicians and dancers with an interest in improvisation within live performance.

  • Bridie Gane

    Summerhall Space (2017)

    Three generations of women experiment with taking well known images of female archetypes, getting lost in them and breaking out of them.

    Placing women no longer in supporting roles, but telling their own stories.

  • Duvet Day

    Summerhall Space (2017)

    Claire Pritchard and Olga Kay (C&O Dance).

    Bed: cosy, safe, haven of rest. Bed: prison. Presented as a part of Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, Duvet Day is a dance theatre piece which portrays an intimate struggle with depression.

  • Volcano

    Summerhall Lab (2017)

    Greg Sinclair, Kate Temple & Ann Thallon.

    Volcano uses sound, movement, live drawing, object manipulation and live feed camera to explore Ann's hearing loss and the different ways we make sense of the sounds around us.