Autopsy Award

The Autopsy Award aims to help artists working in Scotland who make boundary-pushing performance work to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run. It offers a supported deal with a small cash award for the successful artist.

We are looking for new, experimental work made by artists basing their practice in Scotland, with the capacity to take advantage of the opportunity of a Fringe run to showcase their work.

Applications for the Autopsy Award are currently closed.

Previous Winners

  • Daddy Drag

    Festival 2019

    Daddy Drag is a show about dads, good dads, daft dads and dads who are not very good dads at all. How do the relationships with our fathers affect us for the rest of our lives?

  • Baby Face

    Festival 2018

    In this brave and outlandish performance a grown woman attempts to be your baby to discover if innocence really is as sexy as we’re told it is.

  • Amy Conway's Super Awesome World

    Festival 2017
  • (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow

    Festival 2016

    With live accompaniment from Glasgow-based noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association, FK Alexander sings along to the recording of the last time Judy Garland ever sang Over The Rainbow, four months before her death. Stand hand in hand with FK, and witness others do the same.

  • 4D Cinema

    Festival 2016

    Sporting a screen and a projector around his face, Mamoru Iriguchi turns himself into a mobile cinema. He explores what is live and what is pre-recorded, fixed eternally on film, and looks at what liveness means when technology blurs actual and virtual realities.

  • Ringside

    Festival 2015

    Ringside. A girl on a trapeze. The ghost of every glamorous girl you have ever seen on a trapeze high up in the big top, performing to the roar of the crowd. But she’s up-close in this intimate one on one aerial performance made for your eyes only.

  • Lost In Transition

    Festival 2015

    Lost in Transition looks at Romania’s decretei: children born as a result of Ceausescu’s 770 Decree that forbade contraception and abortions. More than one million decretei have emigrated from Romania in search of a better life. This is the story of one in many.

  • I Do, Do I

    Festival 2014

    I Do, Do I is a series of Fluxus inspired musical scores written by children and performed by a man. Grown up sensibilities are left at the door as we join award-winning artist and performer Greg Sinclair for a musical journey through the whims and wonders of childish imagination.