Summerhall Lab

The first Summerhall lab runs from 11 – 15 December, featuring Volcano, a collaboration between Greg Sinclair, Kate Temple & Ann Thallon.

There will be another Summerhall Lab in February 2018 – applications for this are now closed and the successful artist/s will be announced before the end of December.


a collaboration between Greg Sinclair, Kate Temple & Ann Thallon


Greg, Kate & Ann have been exploring the volcanoes in our city, and the volcanoes inside us. They present an exploding, erupting, multi-artform investigation of hearing loss, that asks the question, ‘What is it like to live with the volcano?’
Greg Sinclair is a musician and performance artist who makes work in collaboration with children and others. Kate Temple is a visual artist and theatre designer whose practice incorporates installation, sculpture, drawing, video, writing and performance. Ann Thallon has a lifelong interest in performance and is determined that her severe hearing loss will not bar her from continuing access and participation. The three artists met during Artlink’s ‘Let Loose’ project, on which Greg and Kate asked Ann to respond to the written instruction ‘be a volcano’.  During the Summerhall Lab week they are developing ideas for a performance based on her explosive response, which will also be an anthem to Edinburgh, Scotland’s volcanic heart.