Fri 12 May 2017   -  Sun 04 Jun 2017

Brilliant geometry: The art of mathematical projection through the magic of 3D printing

Peter Reid
Brilliant Geometry brings the creativity and precision of mathematics to the general public, using computer-aided design, recent innovations in 3D printing, and very, very bright lights! With a variety of exhibits - hand-held projectors, shadow lanterns and zoetropes - we invite our guests to play with the idea of dimension, of projections, of polygons and polytopes, and of tilings.

Sat 13 May 2017   -  Sun 04 Jun 2017


Sandi Anderson, Thorunn Bara, Mary Walters
Two Scots and an Icelander exhibit together, inspired by the wilderness landscapes of the North. SANDI ANDERSON focuses on the light and momentary glimpses. THORUNN BARA takes the bio-colonisation of the island of Surtsey as her starting point to consider the relationship between art and science in the natural world. MARY WALTERS concentrates on an
Daily: 11:00 - 18:00

Fri 19 May 2017   -  Sun 04 Jun 2017

Syria in Painting, Photography, Film and Word

Syria in Painting, Photography, Film and Word brings together a broad-based selection of new artworks by Syrian artists based in Edinburgh and further afield, including organisations involved with Syria. Each of the artists presents a highly personal reflection of their homeland and the Syrian people through works in a variety of media.
11:00 - 18:00

Sat 24 Jun 2017   -  Sun 09 Jul 2017

Get Creative Takeover

Grow Wild
Grow Wild invited young people aged 12-25 to apply for funding to produce creative works of art to raise awareness about the importance of UK native wild flowers and plants. Visit Summerhall this June to see how successful applicants interpreted the brief through different artistic mediums from poetry to embroidery, sculpture to steel band music…