Online Exhibition

Portraits of the People

Chris Floyd & National Lottery

Summerhall and some of the UK’s most iconic art galleries join forces to celebrate this year’s unheralded champions of the arts sector. The unique digital exhibition... [more]

Fri 21 Jan 2022 - Sun 28 Aug 2022


Iain Patterson
12pm-6pm, Wed-Sun

East Linton based Artist Iain Patterson has been a fixture of the Scottish art scene for over 30 years having both studied and taught at Edinburgh College of Art, his skilled work seeks to express... [more]

Fri 08 Apr 2022 - Mon 06 Jun 2022

G-Lands: An Out of Body Experience

Emily Fong
Weds - Sun, 12pm - 6pm

A collaboration between artist Emily Fong and scientist Dr Elaine Emmerson from the Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM,) in partnership with ASCUS Art and Science and a multitude of healthcare... [more]

Fri 08 Apr 2022 - Mon 06 Jun 2022

The Rooted Sea

Sonia Mehra Chawla
Weds - Sun, 12pm - 6pm

The Rooted Sea: Halophytic Futures is an interdisciplinary inquiry into the fragile and endangered coastal ecosystems and wetland habitats of India and Scotland, and their vital role in building... [more]

Fri 08 Apr 2022 - Thu 09 Jun 2022


Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science
Weds - Sun, 12pm - 6pm

Bioverse is a visual arts exhibition co-curated by Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science. Experience the work of visual artists Emily Fong, Sonia Mehra Chawla and a series of films curated by... [more]

Sat 09 Apr 2022 - Thu 09 Jun 2022

BLACK BOX - Kinship

Louise Mackenzie
Weds - Sun, 12pm - 6pm

Opening the door on the inner workings of scientific research, Black Box is a curatorial cinema project, founded by artist, Louise Mackenzie and scientist, Kasia Pirog in 2019.  Curating... [more]