10 Years of Summerhall

Online Exhibition

2020 was the 10th year of Summerhall and we had planned a celebratory weekend of performance, music, art and fun.  Like everyone’s plans for 2020, these were cancelled, so we found a different way to mark our first decade, with the support of Creative Scotland’s Sustaining Creative Development fund.

We asked 10 people – artists, residents, audience members – to write, draw, paint or otherwise make something for our website in response to their own relationship with the building.  The contributors were chosen via a mix of open call and invitation.  They include established artists, new voices, and work by people who don’t necessarily define as artists.

We are delighted with the 10 pieces; with the range of artforms, the different aspects of Summerhall which they reveal, and most of all with the talent and creativity of the contributors.  We hope you enjoy looking through them in this online form, and that we will be able to welcome you back into the building soon.

Lockdown birthdays aren’t all bad!