-}}}}}} : {{{+}}}

-}}}}}} : {{{+}}}

Anneli Holmstrom
Sat 20 May 2017   -  Fri 14 Jul 2017
11:00 - 18:00 (not open Mondays)
_ Venue: Meadows Gallery

-}}}}}} : {{{+}}} is the title of Scottish born artist Anneli Holmstrom’s first UK solo show presented as part of Summerhall’s Curated Programme.

The work on show centres upon two new bodies of work, Levitation and Flood, which aim to visualise the temporal dualities between absence and presence when viewed together. Holmstrom’s interdisciplinary practice builds upon meditative and romantic microcosms to create an atmosphere of ‘oneness’ and concentration, it is through this that -}}}}}} : {{{+}}} aims to offer a new visual experience of the meeting of two distinct, yet inherently interlocked psychological worlds.

The exhibition will be accompanied by texts written by poets JL Williams and Janette Ayachi, scientific researchers Alex Murphy and David Carmel, artist-researcher Dr. Louise Milne and philanthropist Fatima Ashrif.


Public Event: -}}}}}} : {{{+}} ; Absence – Presence

Saturday 20th of May at 7pm, Summerhall, Anatomy Lecture Theatre

On Saturday 20th of May, Holmstrom will host a public event in the Summerhall Anatomy Lecture Theatre. This event will host the research of six especially invited speakers from the branches of science, poetry, anthropology and philanthropy. These commissioned works will reflect upon the themes of absence and presence that are central to the show, intending to open up wider interpretations of these concepts through a multidisciplinary approach that mixes fact, myth, allegory and mystical practice.

Admission free, booking is advised. Tickets can be obtained via Eventbrite here.

Anneli Holmstrom’s -}}}}}} : {{{+}}} is supported by Creative Scotland


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