Iain Patterson
Fri 21 Jan 2022   -  Thu 29 Sep 2022
12pm-6pm, Wed-Sun
_ Venue: Laboratory and Corridor Galleries

East Linton based Artist Iain Patterson has been a fixture of the Scottish art scene for over 30 years having both studied and taught at Edinburgh College of Art, his skilled work seeks to express through real and imagined experience and physicality.

Presented in this exhibition ‘Balance’ Iain employs a method of drawing and painting that has an emphasis on improvisation around a theme with technical means which are deliberately formalist, limited and simple, primarily influenced by the natural world and improvised music.        

The work aims to be as inventive as possible within quite deliberately constrained and traditional structures. The challenge for the artist is to make new and original art within these boundaries.

Though abstract in appearance, both the drawings and paintings retain a strong organic and rhythmic presence.