Composition IV

Yumiko Ono
FORM: A season of Exhibitions by contemporary female sculptors, presented by Summerhall Arts
Fri 01 Dec 2023   -  Fri 01 Nov 2024
11am - 5pm, Wed - Sun
_ Entry: FREE
_ Venue: Corner Gallery

Ono is exploring the theme of utopia, an ideal world in imagination. Ono’s recent focus has been scalable artwork–multiplying with molds and assembling pieces complete units which would fit into any kind of space. In the future she would like to enlarge her work beyond art pieces and into architecture to push the boundaries between art, architecture, and ceramics.

Composition is the series of large scalable work that Ono started during her residency program in Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in 2023. The idea was to use the same material to create different shapes, starting from simple shapes and gradually increasing components so that the form becomes more complicated. Composition IV, which is showing at Summerhall, is created from the same pieces of material used in Composition I,II and III.

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