Creature Collective: Fur, feather, scales, legs, wings and tails.

An exhibition of artwork by the Garvald Makers
Thu 01 Jun 2023   -  Sun 25 Jun 2023
Tues - Sunday 12pm - 6pm
_ Entry: FREE
_ Venue: All Basement Spaces

Animals are a recurring source of inspiration in the artwork of the Garvald Edinburgh Makers.

Creature Collective creates a new ecosystem bringing together animals from deep seas to soaring skies and wild mountains to cosy homes. From mythical beasts to our favourite pets, humans’ relationship with animals is as deep and profound as the animal kingdom is diverse.

This exhibition shares the Garvald Makers love of the animal world through their vibrant and eclectic creations. By championing and celebrating creatures in all their beauty, the artists raise in our consciousness the looming threat to the animal world by human habitat destruction.

The exhibition showcases the range of materials the makers use in Garvald Edinburgh’s workshops to realise their ideas.  and the variety of mediums in 2 and 3D, performance and the digital sphere.  From a glass carousel and fabric fish to nesting ceramic birds and wooden tigers eating pizza, Creature Collective celebrates the skill and imagination of the makers.

Creature Collective celebrates the creativity and skill of the makers. 

The workshops at Garvald Edinburgh teach craft making skills to a high standard. Our exhibition programme enables the artists to, develop

Share use these skills to explore their interests, develop work and gain experience in exhibiting their work.  In their studio practice the Garvald Makers work in ways suited to the individual needs.  Creature Collective presents both individual and group collections, and collaborative works of art.

We would like to thank the Garvald Makers, their staff support teams, and our funders for enabling us to realise Creature Collective.

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